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Hopping Across The North East From Hub To Hub

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 12.57.11North East business Cellular Solutions is celebrating over two decades of connecting businesses with their clients.

The Sunderland-based communications solutions company was founded in 1995, and is as proud today about those roots as it was back then. With their strong client base remaining in the city, Cellular Solutions has expanded, and now provides communications services to businesses across the UK.

The company’s mission is simple: they aim to help clients to effectively communicate with their customers, members of staff and partners in a way that saves them money. They want their contribution to make a positive impact, either through finding cheaper tariffs or helping to streamline business communications processes – saving valuable time, and in turn, money.

So what communications services do Cellular Solutions provide, and how can they benefit businesses?

They install reliable landline telephone systems, equipped which a choice of handsets and special features to suit each business. Delivering a bespoke package per client, they also recommend a unified communications approach, which helps operations and sales staff do their job in the most effective and streamlined way. Alongside landlines, they also find the business mobile solutions that work for a client’s budget, and closely monitor the market for the latest developments in technology.

With so many businesses now relying heavily on email, an efficient, consistent email provider has become intrinsic to a successful business. As well as desktop email in-office, they also find the best way for clients to synchronise email on the move. This helps them to be a more reactive business, instantly following up on leads and enquiries.

Cellular Solutions also approaches the installation of business broadband in a client-focused way. They deliver the fastest connection speeds available for the budget, with both standard and fibre broadband on offer. The company also understands that employees waiting for downloads or slow connections is a loss of time business, and aims to reduce this for every customer. On top of this, they pride themselves on flexibility and scalability with their broadband services, which can grow with their clients’ business.

Another way they make a big impact on customers’ overall business is through the installation of a range of software, such as CRM, HR and Payroll, which all help businesses run more effectively. They are an approved Sage partner, and provide solutions that help to attract prospects, amplify sales and build stronger, profitable customer relationships. CRM software works particularly well for customer-focused businesses, in helping create effective marketing strategies, targeting hot prospects and gathering data.

All of their services come with 24-hour, 365-days-a-year service and maintenance, for companies that work round the clock and need to have access to technical support at all times.

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