Mums and dads who are no good at DIY can now get a helping hand to keep their children safe in the home.

For County Durham based Cestria Community Housing Association is offering to step in to help tenants with young families who are struggling to fit essential child safety equipment.

The scheme is a partnership between Cestria and the Bullion Lane Children’s Centre in Chester-le-Street, which is offering vital child safety equipment – such as stair gates, fireguards, cupboard locks and blind cleats – to local families.

Cestria community engagement officer, Paul Hadden, said: “The children’s centre is providing this equipment free of charge so we thought it would be great if, as an organisation, we could offer to fit some of it for our tenants who might not have the skills or capabilities to do it themselves.

“Hanging a safety gate or fireguard might be just a 10 minute job for our tradesmen, but it’s not for some people who just don’t have the necessary DIY skills or tools.”

Working with the housing association’s Property Services team, Paul has arranged for tenants wanting to take up the offer to get in touch with Cestria, booking in their request in the same way that they would report a repair.

A tradesman will then attend and carry out the work, free of charge.

Cestria Property Services manager, Jonathan Fletcher, said: “We’re also asking our trade staff to be proactive when they’re out and about, getting them to check with families with young children if they have the safety equipment they need.

“If they don’t, our tradesmen can complete a form which is forwarded to the children’s centre enabling the family to collect the equipment they require from there.

“Again, if they’re unable to fit it themselves, all they need do is get in touch with us and our tradesmen will come out and help.”

Bullion Lane Children’s Centre is part of County Durham’s One Point Service which brings together staff from Durham County Council and the NHS to provide free advice and support to families.

It offers a range of services to families with young children aged up to five years in the Chester-le-Street and Pelton areas, including play sessions, baby clinics and “Time for you” workshops, which give parents the option of learning about training and job opportunities, as well as the chance to socialise.