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Chinese Ancient Clothing – A Complete Hanfu Guide to Know!

Well, as the clothing styles and types change according to the time and region so in China as well. In ancient time there are different types of clothing present but as the trend or culture spread more and the technology came, the clothing style totally changes. People wear different types of clothes according to their culture, tradition, taster and preferences. The major reason behind the shape of ancient chinese clothing is the foreign influences and dynastic traditions. All types of chinese clothing show some fashion sensibilities, give some message and relates to chinese civilization.

Not is this, all people should know that in the early age of China or you can say in Ancient China, the clothing style indicate the profession and status. There is a huge difference between the clothing style of rich people and poor ones. The poor in ancient china made their entire clothes out of ramie and hemp. On the other side, the rich people in the early age wore attire that are made up of silk. Also, the exciting thing to know is that there were rules in the early china by which the people wear clothes. All different colors have their separate emotions and yellow color clothes are only for Emperor.

Types of Hanfu garments

Here you are going to know several types of Hanfu clothes but before going through all the types, one should know what are Hanfu clothes. Well, Hanfu states for Han Clothes and it is a traditional Chinese clothing. The particular type of clothing is characteristic for the Han ethnic group. Below is the main ancient chinese clothing that everyone needs to know.

  • Yi – it is garment with open cross collar and males or females can wear it

  • Pao – these are the close body clothes which are mainly worn by males

  • Shan – it is a shirt with open cross collar and the jacket which is worn by Yi

  • Ru – also the same is open cross collar shirt

  • Ku – these are the pants and trousers

  • Bixi – the same one is the clothing which is knee-length piece of fabric. It is attached to the front side of the sash

  • Qun – also known as Chang and type of skirt for both men and women

So, these are the entire Hanfu clothes in ancient China. But as the technology comes and time chances the clothing style of people also changes upto a great extent. Now, in the modern China, people can wear what they like without thinking about tradition and culture anymore. In some areas or cities of China, people also wear clothes according to the early rules and tradition.


Moving further, people also should know about the ancient chinese clothing for different occasions and events. People wear clothes of different types of according to the type of event, occasion or festival. In order to go deeper in the same concern or to know more, you should make a little research online and then gather the useful information.

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