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Choosing the right offshore development company

Offshore has been on the rise at an unprecedented rate as businesses seek to diversify their offerings in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Whether it’s small cafe’s partnering with ride-sharing brands to deliver customers’ favourite treats to their door, or gyms offering personalised classes a home via streaming – the world embraced digital transformation. In fact, for many organizations, the pandemic pushed forward initiatives by as much as five years. If the key to success in the new age is speed and flexibility, and the key to speed and flexibility is software-centricity, then the center of everything is talented developers.

But what if there’s a skills shortage in your country? In North America, Europe, and Australia there’s a shortage of elite developers. The most talented go to the biggest companies and the market is fierce. An offshore software development company, not an outsourcing software house ~ there’s a big difference, can be the difference between failure and success. But how to choose the right one?

Outsourcing or offshoring?

You need to understand what you’re after and how they differ. Outsourcing is best for short-term, project-based work. Offshore teams are long-term, value-adding extensions of your existing development setup. In simple terms, full-time colleagues and not outside support. An offshore development company can help you augment your team with world-class engineers from global talent pools.

Past successes

A solid history of helping businesses similar to yours or in similar sectors is key. Take a look at the offshore development company website and see if they have any downloadable case studies that detail exactly what they did for the other company and what their value proposition is.

Their hiring process

A strong focus on cultural fit is vital when partnering with an offshore development company to build your team in a prime offshoring destination. Technical skills testing is key of course, but making sure the extended team can collaborate seamlessly with the one at home equally so. Additionally, a European software company might want to leverage Indian engineering talent but work directly with European management, to guarantee cultural compatibility.


The offshore development company needs to have a recruitment strategy that aligns with its vision, mission, and objectives. You need world-class developers, but you need them to be invested in your company for the long term. That’s why choosing the right partner is of utmost importance.

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