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CaptureName: Joe Fitzpatrick

Age: 12

School: Beacon Hill School, Wallsend

Address: North Tyneside

Contact: Mum Catherine Rawes

Story: Joe was born with Reticular Dysgenesis (a rare form of Severe Combined Immune Deficiency SCID) and needed a bone marrow transplant at 7 weeks old. The condition means he is profoundly deaf and had a cochlear implant at 5 years old. He has a 20 hour 1-1 support at school. Joe has delayed development and difficulty processing information. He has poor social skills which means he has difficulty building and maintaining friendships. Joe has a dietary problem and sees a dietician and paediatrician.

The family applied to Smile For Life Children’s Charity for a laptop for Joe and are giving it to him as a Christmas present. He has been unable to do certain aspects of his homework as it has required a laptop.

The laptop will make a huge difference to Joe, Catherine says it will be the best Christmas present ever. He is so interested in learning and now he will be able to do his homework, access websites and aid his learning and development. It will encourage independence and allow Joe to develop his IT skills. It will also allow Catherine to support Joe at home.

Supporting statement: Rebecca Berry, Teacher of the Deaf at Beacon Hill School, Wallsend

Joe is profoundly deaf and has a cochlear implant. This has had a huge impact on his learning. He would benefit from IT equipment that would has access to the National Curriculum, as well as learning new vocabulary and concepts. Rebecca Berry

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