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Cool Down Your Energy Bills with Warm Up North

unnamed (1)As the temperature rises in the North East, it’s easier than ever for residents to save money on energy bills this summer.

With thousands of homes across the region living in fuel poverty, the landmark energy efficiency scheme Warm Up North is urging residents to find out how they could benefit from energy saving measures, with its top 10 tips.

From quick fixes like turning down the temperature of hot water in the home, to long-term measures such as replacing an old inefficient boiler before winter, these handy tips can help reduce the cost of energy bills, leaving residents with more money to enjoy the last of the summer.

Warm Up North’s Graeme Stephenson, said: “Making small changes to our daily habits can make a big difference to the cost of energy bills. It’s never too early to prepare for winter and start being more energy efficient and our expert team is on hand to give help and advice.”

Check out Warm Up North’s top 10 tips for being energy efficient to help cut energy bills even further:

  1. Set your fridge at 3-5°C and your freezer at -18°C to make sure they’re working at their best and don’t forget to dust regularly around the back as this can affect your fridge’s efficiency.
  2. Replace an old inefficient boiler for a new energy efficient low cost gas boiler while the weather is warm so you’re ready for the next cold snap. Warm Up North is offering low cost fully fitted gas boilers for only £250 including VAT, subject to qualification and survey, to those who really need them, people on certain benefits, with a lower income and an inefficient gas boiler.
  3. Dry washing outdoors using a clothes horse or take advantage of the good weather by using a washing line to avoid using an energy hungry tumble dryer.
  4. Keep cool by taking shorter showers and turning down the temperature of hot water during the summer months and invest in a shower monitor to track how much water you’re using.
  5. Insulate your home to keep hot air at bay during the summer as well as cool air out during the winter.
  6. Unplug electronic items and appliances when they are not in use, as this not only saves energy, but also avoids adding any unnecessary heat to the home.
  7. Block out the mid-day sun by closing curtains and blinds during the hottest parts of the day, keeping the home feeling cooler and saving money on the cost of powering a fan or air conditioner.
  8. Don’t miss out on soaking up the sunshine by spending evenings trapped in the kitchen. Put together a simple salad to avoid long cooking times and using multiple kitchen appliances.
  9. Don’t spend all your time cleaning the house and the miss what’s left of the summer sun. Make sure you empty your vacuum cleaner regularly as a full vacuum will take longer to do the same amount of work and will use more energy. It’ll also be more likely to breakdown.
  10. Summer is the perfect chance to enjoy the great outdoors and spending more time out of the home in general will help reduce the amount of energy being used.

For more information on Warm Up North and its range of energy efficiency measures including £250 gas boilers for eligible residents, contact the team. For the boiler offer, please call free* on 0800 316 4320. For all other energy efficiency measures, call free* on 0800 297 8073 or visitwww.warmupnorth.com.

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