If you are thinking of decorating your home, there are many factors to consider. These include the look you want to achieve, how long it will take and how much it is going to cost. These factors are particularly pertinent if you live in short term rented accommodation. Yes, you want to personalise your space, however, you do not want to spend too much time or money doing so if you are not planning on staying there long.

Also, if you like to update your home in line with new fashions, the same point stands. Traditional decorating methods such as wallpaper and paint can be expensive and time-consuming to replace, especially if you intend on doing it regularly. Therefore have you considered wall murals and the benefits they offer? They are a quick, efficient and cost-effective way of decorating any room in your house and making the space yours.

Wall Murals Available

Regardless of your taste, there is a wall mural for you. Options include everything from art, nature and landscapes to nature, sports and even underwater scenes, amongst others. Therefore allowing you to update any room in your house easily will a wall mural that suits you. Some of the most popular rooms to use them are in children’s bedrooms and playrooms. This is because of the ease associated with using them. They allow you to change them frequently your child/children grow and develop tastes of their own.

You could opt for wall stickers or full wall mural wallpaper to make a feature wall in your chosen room. Cool wall murals by muraldecal.com offer a range of options, particularly beautiful wall murals for bedrooms. Therefore, allowing you to turn your bedroom in a peaceful and zen-like space with floral art murals. Or a calming waterfall background. You can even opt for landscape scenes, for example, New York or Paris. Therefore allowing you to wake up every morning in your favourite city.

Canvas Prints and Wall Stickers

If a full wall is too much, you could always opt for canvas prints to modernise or change the look of a room. There are several options including relaxing beach scenes, night skies and magical forests. Custom stickers are also a fun way to decorate any room in your house. With floral symbols, motivations quotes, characters and famous buildings, again there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

Again because they are easy to hang/use, not permanent if you don’t want them to be and relatively inexpensive, you can change them frequently if you wish or when your taste changes.

Personalised Decals

Perhaps you have a fixed idea of what you would like and you cannot find the exact one on-line? Maybe you are currently researching the design you would like and are looking for inspiration from various sources, perhaps even the London Design Museum? If so, many companies offer customised wall murals, canvas prints and wall decals. This allows you to create exactly what you want for your the rooms in your home. Therefore making it personal and meaningful to you.