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As DVLA Personalised Registrations prepares for its 30th anniversary auction this week, it does so buoyed by the knowledge that the popularity in personalised registrations is as prevalent as ever.

Both its spring live auction staged in May and its online Timed Auction held last month recorded their highest number of registered bidders with 12,329 and 9,179 signing up to bid respectively – the live auction recorded a 2,168 increase over its previous highest documented in May, 2018.

With 97 per cent of the 2,250 lots on offer being sold, the Timed Auction set new standards to record the highest sales conversion and the highest average price at £877 per lot for one of its online sales.

The Agency’s two live auctions of 2019 exceeded all expectations, the most recent staged at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Reading witnessed all but six of the 1,250 lots on offer being sold for the average sum per registration of £3,255.

This week will see the Agency return to The Vale Resort near Cardiff for its 30th anniversary auction, five years after last visiting the venue which witnessed ‘industry history’ made when 25 O was bought for a total of £518,000, making it the highest-priced personalised registration bought from DVLA Personalised Registrations to date.

While that may not be surpassed this week, as ever DVLA Personalised Registrations has compiled 1,250 lots to suit all tastes and budgets with reserves ranging from £250 through to £2,500.

Jody Davies, DVLA Personalised Registrations’ Senior Sales Manager, said: “We work extremely hard to ensure the finest personalised registrations are made available for all. As we focus on this summer’s 30th anniversary auction here in south Wales its extremely pleasing to know those efforts are continually well received. Knowing that, so far this year, the numbers of registered bidders are continually increasing bodes well for this, our 30th anniversary auction.”

Millions of other personalised registrations can also be viewed at DVLA’s Personalised Registrations Official website,

Just some of the 1,250 personalised registrations included in the forthcoming sale include:

311 A (reserve £2,500), 2019 A (£2,500), AN15 TON (£700), AN66 ELA (£400), AU66 UST (£400), A411 SOP (£250), 5392 B(£2,500), BLU 812D (£250), BR17 TON (£700), BYE 805S (£250),       B41 KER (£250), CAT 7E (£350), CO11 URT (£400), COO 1P (£500), C42 RYS (£250), C47 THY (£250), DAN 2E (£350), DRE 5W (£350), DU11 ANE (£400), DYF 33D (£300), D155 ENT(£250), EDG 42R (£300), ELV 21S (£300), E114 NOR (£250), E800 KER (£250), FA15 SEL (£700),         FL16 HTS (£700), FR11 ANK (£400), F110 OYD (£250), F411 LON (£250), GA11 RRY (£400), GAU 9E (£350), GH10 OST (£400), 919 GS (£2,200), G185 ONS (£250), HEN 50L (£300),          HO18 ORN (£700), HUG 60S (£300), IG 1 (£2,400), JA66 UAR (£400), JLE 16H (£300), JO12 DON 10 (£700), KEL 805S (£250), KYR 44 (£300), LAM 5V (£350), 900 LD (£2,200), LOG 111C (£250), MA11 RYS (£400), M455 SEY (£250), NAD 114A (£250), 81 NK (£2,200), 202 O (£2,500),            OBR 116N (£250), 25 OL (£2,200), OW11 ENS(£400), 996 P (£2,500), PAB 10X (£300), PUR 17Y (£300), RAG 1G (£500), REG 805S (£250), 111 RUN (£1,200), 959 S(£2,500), SEB 1T (£500), SLO 7S (£350), SNU 99S (£300), SO11 NYA (£400), SUN 805S (£250), TAJ 805S (£250),  THR 115T(£250), UP11 TON (£400), USB 1 (£2,400), 5 UTT (£1,200), 374 V (£2,400), 130 W (£2,500), WE 11 LSH (£400), WR19 GHT(£400), 180 X (£2,500), X72 ACY (£250), YAS 3 (£1,200), 30 YRS (£1,200), YUN 15X (£300).

Caption: Three decades in the making… DVLA Personalised Registrations summer auction will celebrate the Agency’s 30thAnniversary since it started selling personalised registrations – exactly the same time frame between the great British iconic Jaguar XJS pictured above and the company’s latest model, the all-electric I-Pace recently voted World Car of the Year bearing two of the 1,250 lots being offered at The Vale Resort, south Wales, next month.

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