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Everything You Need to Know About Cricket Betting

Can you predict who will win the World T20 this year? Or maybe who will become the Ashes champion? Do you think you know cricket like the back of your hand? If you do, you should try betting on cricket games. Every year there are tons of cricket tournaments taking place in different countries. These allow you to make thousands if you can bet correctly. But if you have not placed a bet before, what are the factors you should keep in mind while betting? This guide will provide the necessary details.

Understanding the odds

Like football, you will find odds in cricket matches. The team that is less likely to win gets higher odds. Here’s how the system works.

Suppose West Indies and Afghanistan go head to head in a T20 game in Barbados. The odds don’t favor the Windies because it’s their home ground and historically, they have been a better team than the Afghans. You notice that the betting dashboard indicates 1.67 for Afghanistan. This means even the bookmakers know that the Windies will win the game hands down. But what if the Afghans pull off an upset? With capable players on their side, they can win even in unfavorable conditions.

But since Afghanistan are the underdogs, the bookmakers will keep them ahead in terms of odds. If you follow the 1.67 patterns, it means the Windies have a 59.88% chance of winning. Therefore, if you bet £10 on Afghanistan and they win the game, you will earn £16.70. That means you will make a profit of £6.70.

Bet on different categories

Cricket betting is not just about who wins or loses. You can bet on multiple categories. But make sure you check the betting site if they provide such categories. For example, go through the Bet9ja guide to know if Bet9ja offers multiple betting options, such as leading wicket-taker in a match, number of boundaries, number of sixes, leading run-scorer, a man of the match, and man of the series or not. The more categories the betting site offers, the more chances you have of winning.

Betting strategies

Whether it’s a 5-day test match or a T20 game, you should follow different strategies while placing your bet. Your betting strategy should change according to the game’s format. But what are the crucial factors to keep in mind while developing a strategy? Check the answers below.

  1. Team form – Team form plays a crucial role in cricket. Even the best teams in the world go through a rough patch. In such cases, the underdogs become the favorites. Therefore, keep the team and the players’ forms in mind before betting.
  2. Playing conditions – Due, rain, and pitch conditions can change the outcome of a game. Make sure you study the playing conditions carefully before betting. Some conditions may suit a team better than the other. You need to assess the condition and then place your bet to win.

Honestly, cricket betting is slightly easier than other sports if you understand the teams and ground conditions better. Most importantly, follow the above tips as they will help to get your feet wet in the sports betting industry.

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