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Facts to Stand Out About the Functionality of the Chanel Manager of Your Hotel

What is a channel manager? A channel manager is a program that allows for multichannel inventory dissemination with immediate updates on price and availability.

In other words, a channel manager enables you to sell your portfolio across various websites and provide potential clients with exact details on room occupancy and prices at the same time. A channel manager can be stand-alone or part of a PMS (property management system).

Suppose you advertise your hotel rooms through various OTA’s (online travel agents) and find it difficult to keep adjusting and updating your listings. In that case, you need this kind of program.

One of the top channel managers for hotels out there is Amenitiz. This software allows you to accept payments for your hotel from external platforms without problems. So let’s look at some features of this tool.

Some Features of Amenitiz Include:

Accepting Payments from External Platforms

Diversifying your revenue streams can be stress-free when you centralize operations, and that’s what Amenitiz does exactly. This channel manager allows you to accept payment for various external platforms without any glitches whatsoever.

Analyze Your Revenue Streams

This tool will also enable you to track and measure your sales. For instance, you can see which booking platform is performing best, that is; where most of your bookings come from.

This will enable you to analyze and optimize your promotion efforts. With this data, you can end partnerships that aren’t working for your business, thereby saving cash in the long run.

Intuitive Dashboard

Through this system, you can easily view your inventory in a visual dashboard that helps you maximize revenue. In addition, you can control and change room details such as arrival and departure days, minimum stay periods, and OTA restrictions from one central point.

Amenitiz will enable you to treat booking platforms available today as marketing partners. This will help you attract a wider pool of potential clients prior to allocating them rooms in your hotel.

Reduce Overbookings

If you have Amenitiz, you can rest assured that your inventory is up-to-date on all booking platforms so that you can avoid disappointing your clients.

The program gives you access to your pooled inventory across various platforms in one place. Its dashboard allows for simple management, thereby reducing the risk of errors. As a result, your guests can only book a room when it’s available. This leads to high and improve the guest satisfaction including.

Acts as A Central Control System for All of Your Hotels Operations

Rather than updating information in various extranets, it can integrate with your hotel’s CRS (central reservation system), RMS (revenue management system) or PMS (property management system), and all your online booking platforms to provide a central control point for all the operations of your business.

Final Thought

To sum it all up, you need to oversee so many aspects of your property. Buying separate software for all these aspects can prove expensive and time-consuming. That’s why you need an integrated platform like Amenitiz to oversee all of your hotel’s operations.

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