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FIFA 21 FUT Transfer Market Tips for Your Ultimate Team

ByDave Stopher

May 25, 2021

Understanding the FIFA 21 transfer market is essential to your club’s success in Ultimate Team. If you want to use enough coins to obtain the best player in FIFA Ultimate Team, you have to know how to use the transfer market correctly.

The transfer market is where FUT items and players are traded. Users can buy new items from there, or they can sell their own products on the market. To purchase an item from the transfer market, you need to bid on the target item at the bid price or immediate purchase price. Once the bidding duration for a project expires, the highest bid price will win the auction. To sell items on the transfer market, you need to list the starting price (minimum bid price), immediate buy and maximum bid price, and the duration of the transfer in the market so that your product can be bid. The best site to buy FIFA coins, please check here. Before transferring items listed on the market, you can compare your items with identical or similar items on the market to see their market prices.

Utilize the fast sellers

Several players sell unwanted cards at low prices to get rid of them quickly. You can use their advantages to buy them at a low price and then sell them for a decent purchase.

When listing cards, you can choose to put them on the market at a different time. Players who want to quickly sell unwanted players from the packs usually put it on the market at a price slightly higher than the value of their quick sale. By targeting these players, you can obtain them cheaply for use by the team or just relist them, but through attractive purchases, it is now worth more than the purchase value.

How to list items on Transfer Market

All tradable FUT items can be bought and sold on the market. The transfer market has categorized these items into the following categories for searching and listing: players, consumables and staff. For trading players and items from the transfer market, you need to look for your items and filter the results by name, nationality, club, quality chemical style, and so on. For buying players, you can look for your player name, but for other items, you will select your item type.

In order to sell your FUT items, you must list them on the transfer market by the “list on transfer market” option. Please pay attention to that the “list on transfer market” option is just available for tradable cards.

The importance of the attributes

Not every top player will have the same value as each other. For example, Harry Kane is 88 rated in the Tottenham Hotspur team. His dribbling, physical and passing attributes were all rated above 80, and his shooting percentage reached 91.

In other words, since the pace and skill move rating are highly rated in the game, Kane’s pace is 68 and only has three-star technical moves. Therefore, Kane is in the market compared to 84 Manchester United. The value will be lower. Forward Anthony Martial has a pace of 89, four-star skill moves, and similar dribble points.

Normally, players with higher stat points for pace and dribbling, and moves with 4 stars or higher skills will get the highest price in the transfer market. In turn, this means that their prices are most likely to soar, so even low-interest cards with higher numbers in these three regions are a good choice for making money.

Buy the pace of the card

In FIFA Ultimate Team, the pace of the players’ card is very useful for the game. Try to buy players with speed to sell at a low price, and then sell at a higher price to make a profit.

Pace and skill movement levels are highly valued in the following players in the game, which is why cards with high-speed attributes are more valuable than low-speed cards, even if low-paced cards have higher overall performance and other statistics.

Check value trends 

One of the best marketing tools involving Ultimate Team is the FIFA community page FUTHead, which can gather data from this model in one place. Although most of the information on the theoretically made player cards can be found in the game, you cannot find statistics on price trends on the transfer market page.

It means that if you want to see the current prices of the cards what you think are of high value, you need to scroll through the countless cards in the auction to reflect their value.

Instead, pay close attention to the page of the player you want to sell on FUTHead. Just like when playing stocks, prices are constantly fluctuating, but reading these changes will help you know when to sell players and when to keep them.

Take advantage of FUT Mobile and Web App

If you really want to bring cash into the club, you need to use more than just the services provided in the game. You have two applications at your disposal, web app and mobile app, both of which are better than the game itself when using the transfer market.

Inside the game, many menus are not dynamic. This means that if you are on the transfer list page when buying or selling a player, it will not refresh on the page, and you need to log out and re-enter the page to see any updates. Sometimes it may be processed on the same screen, but this is very unreliable.

The FIFA 21 transfer market is a very important place, you need to spend a lot of time and have your own set of rules. The correct understanding of these rules and earning skills will decide the financial success of your club in FIFA 21. The goal of using FIFA Ultimate Team Transfer Market is to get the most profit on trading participants, managers and consumable cards. However, before you start to get good results, you need to first understand the tips of the transfer market in FIFA 21.