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Forum Event Shines Spotlight on Business Communication


North Tyneside Business Forum, dedicated to supporting businesses in the North Tyneside area through networking events, workshops, and resources aimed at fostering growth and innovation, recently hosted its flagship event, ShowBiz24: Rise&Bloom.

The event, held on Thursday, May 16th at Wallsend Town Hall Chambers, provided an immersive experience designed to empower businesses with the tools and insights needed to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Approximately 50 businesses attended the event and engaged with three insightful presentations focused on the mastery of communication, covering essential skills like public speaking, closing sales, and effective sales strategies. The event delivered a dynamic morning filled with valuable insights and networking opportunities for business professionals across all sectors in North Tyneside and beyond.

Moira Barnes of Moira Barnes Sales Consultancy, a seasoned sales expert with over 30 years of experience, shared her wealth of knowledge on closing sales. Jon Malton, an experienced leader known for uplifting top-tier companies, provided critical insights on commanding the room and making ideas resonate with any audience.

The keynote speaker, Simon Moyle, CEO of Vivup, reflected on his journey of remarkable growth and transformation, turning a small business with 17 employees into a national powerhouse in the employee benefits and well-being space. Through Simon’s leadership, Vivup has not only grown in scale but also in impact. His commitment to empowering businesses, coupled with a keen understanding of market dynamics, has enabled Vivup to stay ahead of the curve. Simon’s strategic vision has led to the establishment of partnerships and innovative solutions, further solidifying Vivup’s position as a leader in the industry.

Chair of North Tyneside Business Forum, Michael James, remarked on the success of the event: “We had three excellent speakers, each giving their perspective on different ways to shine in business. The theme focused on mastering the art of closing sales through powerful storytelling, and each speaker had a story that engaged, influenced, and educated the audience. It was a great event.”

Feedback from the event indicated that a lot of businesses that attended found new contacts and other people to work with to the benefit of their business.

“As well as hearing how to be effective communicators, many of the people attending enjoyed the informal networking sessions and many were delighted to find new people to do business with,” said Michael James. “This is one of the key advantages of joining the North Tyneside Business Forum as we hold many networking events during the year. The North Tyneside Business Forum is free to join and is open to any business with a trading address in North Tyneside and although we are supported by North Tyneside Council, we are an independent body run by people who have businesses in the Borough,” he added.

For more information, visit, contact, or call 0191 643 6000.

Photo: Jon Malton, Michael James  Moira Barnes and Simon Moyle (front) (Photo North Tyneside Council)

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