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Free “Word-of-Mouth” Marketing Plan For Owner Managers


Jul 10, 2023

North-East technology company, My Marketing Button has launched a free version of its award-winning marketing planning software, providing an agile and revolutionary way to plan marketing activity.

Owner managers can now access a free version of the online software, which guides them through the process of making a commercial marketing plan to support them in achieving their goals.

The technology is a framework of outcomes that gives a head start for a plan and provides owner managers with an agile and accessible solution.

As part of ongoing developments, Darlington-based My Marketing Button are excited to have developed a freemium product which covers one element of the complete solution.  The freemium product features the aspect of a plan which covers existing clients.

Margaret Bradshaw, founder and MD of My Marketing Button said, “We find many companies talk about relying on word-of-mouth, as yet, we have not seen anyone with a word-of-mouth plan.  The commercial landscape presents so many challenges and opportunities, and it’s so important to ensure that as a business owner you have a solid marketing plan to help.

“We fully believe that word of mouth is fantastic, and it is to be encouraged.  This is why we wanted to present a way that businesses can be more scientific on this and adopt a more sustainable approach.  Word of mouth doesn’t just happen, it’s the result of amazing customer service, hard work by a team in a business and dedication to quality.  If a business can bottle that and repeat it, then it becomes a more solid approach.  We feel our freemium solution gives a focus on this as part of a wider plan and helps strengthen the fuller role of marketing in a business.”

To access the new freemium software, businesses can head over to https://www.mymarketingbutton.co.uk and click “Get Started”.

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