Without passing judgment, an objective appraisal of your mental condition regarding where you are and what you are attempting to do has many progressive advantages. For example, it has been shown that mindfulness meditation can aid in the treatment of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, general stress control, job performance, and mental clarity.

Several applications are specially designed for mindfulness therapy, and others serve well as supplements to help you practice. Here are some of the best games.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a visually stunning puzzle game with Zen-like visuals and a clear purpose. As is the case in real life, where novel methods often discover answersMoreover, this game’s progression is contingent on the player’s resourcefulness in altering their perspective on the puzzles.

The Now

The Now is straightforward and meaningful. It provides valuable perspectives through push alerts, reminding the consumer of alternative viewpoints. For instance, one such reminder instructs you to pay attention to information in familiar locations and note any adjustments.


Headspace is straightforward and the directed meditations promote proper breathing. Spending ten minutes a day concentrating on your breathing and observing the body respond to the environment makes you more aware. The application comes with ten free meditations and a fee for additional ones.


Elevate is a fantastic, colorful, and relaxing brain-training tool that is both detailed and easy to use on a regular workday. In addition, daily game activity has been documented to have significant effects on several users.

The Mindfulness App

Additionally, the Mindfulness App features directed meditations in a variety of forms. Additionally, it has lists of mindfulness exercises and methods, as well as questions to ask yourself.


While Scrabble is primarily a word game, it incorporates an aspect of strategy. It is insufficient to produce a long term; you must also be insightful in putting the appropriate letters in fields that grant significant double and triple word and letter bonuses. Outstanding happens over perhaps more critical is concentrating on the options you leave open for your competitor. Occasionally, making an exceptional pass is not worth it because it allows the rivals to gain still more points!

Memory training results in increased processing ability, ensuring that the brain would be more effective when confronted with difficult activities. For example, although learning new vocabulary is one of the benefits of playing Scrabble, this game often significantly influences your brain’s performance.

Playing games with your mates will also help reduce your stress rate. It is critical that chronic stress has a detrimental effect on our cognitive function and may also result in lifelong brain changes. It suggests that while playing Scrabble is enjoyable, equally critical is the community in whom you play – the more varied the group, the more vital. You can use Anagram Solver or a Word Unscrambler during the gameplay when you feel you get stuck in it.


Ideament is a mind-mapping application that will assist you with putting everything into focus. Expand any concept of perception with the use of a conceptual diagram.


Happier’s goal is to notice good aspects of daily life and so to share them. It’s a group of people who share and show appreciation for the nice stuff that happens over their day. Simply seeing the posts promotes constructive thought.


BeautifulNow aims to bring you as many amazing things as possible that are happening around the world. It’s an excellent place to keep up with good headlines from around the country, followed by beautiful visuals.

Rumi the Mystic

Rumi the Mystic provides regular quotations from the mystic poet to assist the individual in posing profound questions and discovering inner harmony.