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Getting A Tattoo That You Will Love

ByDave Stopher

Dec 19, 2017 #Tattoo

Professional tattoo artists discourage drunken and impulse tattoos.  The reason for this is that tattoos are forever or meant to be.  While you can get a tattoo removed, that is not the point of getting one and tattoo removal can be a lot more painful and expensive than getting the right one.  The process of choosing a design and making the decision to have it tattooed on you should be done with full cognizance and mindfulness.


The Location Matters


A pair of eagle wings will not look as good on your arm as they will on your back.  It is important that you have the right canvas for your tattoo.  You also need to consider how you are going to be enjoying your ink.


There are some tattoos that are personal and you would like to keep them hidden from sight and only showing it to people you choose.  There are certain people who have ink which is attached to their persona and would like to show it to the whole world.


According to Dore Aesthetics in Singapore – one of the biggest reasons for tattoo removal aside from that tattoo is the placement. So, think long and hard.


What Is The Significance Of The Design?


Does the tattoo design commemorate a person, event, victory or even a pet?  Are you looking to have a tattoo that shows the world your views, identity and beliefs?  If you are simply drawn to a tattoo design because of the visual appeal, you need to take the time to learn about the connotations, meaning and nuances of the design.  You should never get a tattoo without learning more about the design because the significance of the design might actually go against your personal views.


Choose The Right Tattoo Artist


There could be hundreds of tattoo artists in your area, but not all of them will be the same.  Each artist will have different experience levels and will be an expert in different tattoo genres.  You need to take the time to match your tattoo artist with the design that you want.


If you are looking for a classic vintage tattoo, you should avoid a 3D tattoo artist who will be better at 3D designs.  You need to take the time to look around, ask artists for their portfolios and choose one that matches the type of tattoo you want. A portrait artist will be able to deliver the best impressions, but they might not be able to provide you with the best colorful piece.


Discuss The Design With The Artist


Pre-tattoo discussions are very important and need to be done.  You need to tell the tattoo artist about the design, what you would want it to look like, the size you want and if there are any other special instructions.  At this time, the artist will be able to tell you about any limitations, give you some suggestions and tell you what you can expect.  The discussion sessions should be a collaboration between you and the artist and ensure that you get the tattoo that you want.


Improve And Personalize


You may have seen an amazing tattoo that you want to copy or seen a design online that you are sure will look amazing somewhere on your body.  While this is a great place to start with looking for a tattoo, you need to level up the design and make it unique to you.  You should ask your tattoo artist for customization suggestions and improvements.  You should also consider some special tweaks that will make the tattoo fit you more.


Sleep On It


Rushing to the tattoo studio after you have found a design online will lead to problems and should be avoided.  You might like the design right now, but will you like it in a week or a year?  You need to take your time with a tattoo.  Think about the design, imagine it on your skin and consider how it would impact the rest of your life.  After a few weeks, if you are still excited about the tattoo then you should go ahead and contact a tattoo artist.