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Getting the job you want in London with a short course

If you’ve been searching for a job in London, you may have noticed that many jobs require a lot of experience. However, there are some vacancies where the completion of short courses will be sufficient experience to secure the role. Here are some of the courses you could consider studying:

EMT training

EMT stands for emergency medical technician. This course is the first step if you want to become a paramedic and doesn’t take a lot of time. It can vary depending on what you want your outcome to be. Therefore, if you’re considering being a paramedic for life, you may study for longer. As a result you will achieve a good job with a decent salary and there’s no need for lots of previous experience.

Personal trainer

A personal training course is also a valuable option. Personal training short courses will help you develop the technical skills and knowledge you need to train private clients. Usually a personal trainer can bring in a lot of value to their clients by helping them with nutritional guidelines, meal plans and workout routines. It’s a job that a lot of people in London are interested in doing and there’s a high demand for trainers too.

Real estate agent licensing

The real estate agent licensing course is also in very high demand. Being an estate agent usually means having a good salary so it is understandable why the course is in demand in London. In addition, since the real estate market is expanding in London, it makes sense to work in this sort of industry. Though at times the course and job is challenging, it’s also incredibly rewarding and worth considering.

Commercial drivers

If you have a driving license, you’ve already taken the first step towards becoming a commercial driver. This short course is specifically created for drivers that want to earn a respectable amount of money. It’s an excellent course and one that you should definitely research if you’re interested in a career in driving.

Trade programmes

Trade programmes are the gateway to becoming a contractor. There’s always a demand for electricians, mechanics, plumbers, tree surgeons and HVAC professionals. Jobs such as these are highly skilled and can lead you to be very well paid. Consider this programme if you want a practical role with lots of variety.

To surmise, short term courses can be very useful for any person that wants a job in London and you can obtain a range of different job as a result. All you need is patience and commitment. As long as you work hard to learn everything and master what you are taught, then you will be set to find a role you want. Take your time and study the job market to see what roles suit your skill set. If you’ve done all of this, then you will have no problem finding your perfect London job!