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How Esports Growth Could Change The Future Of Video Games?

ByDave Stopher

Jun 18, 2018

Today, video games are not just limited to a screen and a few control keys. It is undergoing a major transformation in the form of esports which offer a promising future to the video gamers. To begin with, one of the most astonishing changes in the world of video games brought about by esports is an increased female participation.

The Growth of eSports – What Does it Mean?

Earlier, video games were considered to be a predominant male area. In the last few years though, esports multiplayer growth has encouraged the participation of females. Games like Fortnite now have a higher percentage of female participants. Women love to play online casino games as well, and many of them use the Cherry Casino voucher code to get the best experience

Overwatch is another excellent example. An increased female participation warrants a bigger female viewership. Estimates show that there are more female than male players in Overwatch, something you wouldn’t really have thought about even a few decades back.

Some analysts believe that video games will eventually make a transition from male predominance to gender-neutral participation and who knows, to female predominance as well. You can also use this for birthday parties for kids.

Ditching The Isolation With Virtual Reality

Video games are no longer meant to be played alone.

Dave Ranyard, former head of Sony London believes that video games will promote social life in future. As opposed to present day concept in video games, which is sitting alone in your room, and staring at the screen for hours, the future of video games guarantees more of social interactions with the help of virtual reality.

If you own a virtual reality headset like the Oculus – which works with some of the more powerful gaming PCs and laptops – you would know how exciting it is to call in your friends and play a game ‘together’. In fact, you could play with your virtual friends in a similar way soon.

Hanging out and enjoying a fun-filled experience with your friends does get a different meaning today – and it is what the games of the future hold for us; an increased social interaction with friends and family.

The Physical Aspect

Back in the 1980’s when video games first became mainstream, the major concern of parents was that it would lead to a lack of physical activity among kids – which to be fair, was partially true.

Today, games aren’t similar to what you would experience even a decade back – and it isn’t just graphics that we are talking about.  Pokemon Go is a good example of social interactions with physical activity. The future of video games definitely holds some promising and exciting changes.


Trying Your Hands at ESports

As a continually expanding platform, esports is currently a $1.5 billion industry with hopes of further growth. Expected to be a part of the Asian Games by the year 2022, esports are engaging an increasing number of people every day. ESPN, the popular sports channel, is now featuring esports events and news on a regular basis. It won’t be long before the so-called ‘video game nerds’ become full-fledged, global level players.