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How to Buy Fitmin Finance (FTM) Token on PancakeSwap

Fitmin Finance (FTM) is a newly minted meme-based crypto. It claims to swell the ranks of digital financial tools that are much safe than traditional markets. The token is created to save money to “feed your favorite pet” and monetize artists’ works focused on marketing awareness for pets. For now, the crypto has the specific aim of making pet stores accept FTM. It’s possible to buy these token through several platforms. However, FTM to PancakeSwap provides the best exchange rates.

Why May You Want to Buy Fitmin Finance Cryptocurrency?

The new cryptocurrency provides holders with bonuses. Besides, a dog meme theme is very touchable and catchy, making tokens pretty popular. Actually, this coin is really unique, bringing profit for owners and serving noble purposes. In other words, it funds charity donations. This approach hooked investors. As a result, the Fitmin Finance price has surged by 800% after its airdrop.

This year, the situation is still promising, showing the token’s development that also means the NFT marketplace is soon opening. The inflow of new investors is also expectable according to the project roadmap.

PancakeSwap as the Way to Buy Fitmin Finance Tokens

The PancakeSwap platform is one of the popular places to purchase Fitmin Finance tokens because it’s straightforward and takes a minute to make a transaction. Besides, PancakeSwap is a decentralized money market, meaning complete privacy and no mediators for your bargains. Auto smart contracts are the foundation of this network that works on Binance Smart Chain and is powered by the Binance crypto exchange. 

How to use PancakeSwap to Buy Fitmin Finance Cryptocurrency?

“Rookies” in crypto trading might feel challenging to navigate the PancakeSwap platfrom since the latter has tins of features and options. Still, once you spend a little time figuring it out, the entire algorithm turns out to be speedy and not overwhelming. You should just make several steps to get FTM to your account:

Apart from security, privacy, and simplicity, PancakeSwap offers game-like experiences. For example, users get the opportunity to wagering on Binance Coin (BNB) price increase or drop within a specific timeframe. You can also participate in the lottery and buy a ticket to win a fortune from CAKE. The most beautiful thing is that buying Fitmin Finance on this exchange requires very smaller fees and provides instant transactions.

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