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How to improve sexual life for gay couples

ByDave Stopher

May 13, 2021

Being in a long-term, committed, and loving relationship is an achievement. But remember when you and your other half were first dating? Your sex life was hot, heavy, and frequent? As time passes, it’s not surprising that the initial passion that you both had has dwindled or faded altogether. As you build your life together, it’s sometimes a little too easy to get settled, lazy, and…too comfortable.

As with straight couples, gay couples usually end up putting responsibilities such as work, family issues, finances, and other life events above anything else. The result? A lackluster sexual connection between you both. In fact, you might even find it uncomfortable to talk about.

If your sexual relationship needs a bit of a restart, here are a few ways you can improve it to help reignite passion.

Here’s how you can spice up your sex life

Follow these easy steps and soon you’ll be having romps here, there, and everywhere! No matter the time, day, or place!

1. Try using toys

Sex toys aren’t just for straight couples, porn stars, and people into BDSM. In fact, there are a lot of sex toys out there now that are aimed towards LGBTQ+ couples. Think fleshlights, butt plugs, cock rings, dildos, and more! Introducing some toys into the bedroom can help to spice up your sex life once more.

But before you go and buy every sex toy under the sun, talk to your partner and find out what he would be willing to try. Deciding on which toy to use, and how you want to use it, should be something you both discuss. Why not plan a trip to your local sex shop, or look online together? It’ll make the experience much more enjoyable for the two of you.

2. Watch a steamy video together

Okay, we know what you might be thinking…‘why should we watch a steamy video together?’ Well, you might be surprised to hear that watching gay porn with your partner can actually increase both of your sex drives and get you in the mood for a romp.

There’s a lot of sites out there for you to choose from, such as GayDemon, which are not only aimed towards LGBTQ+ men but are also targeted towards couples! So grab your partner, turn the lights down and settle down for an erotic viewing together.

3 Go on an overnight getaway

In a recent study conducted by The US Travel Association, reports have shown that couples that travel together have better sex lives. Gay couples who want to work their way back to some close intimacy often struggle to find the time in their daily lives to have a sexy rendezvous together. Often things like work, family, and other commitments get in the way.

Planning an overnight romantic getaway together can be the perfect way to inject some lust and passion back into your relationship. Of course, booking a local hotel or a vacation in Paris together is a great place to start, but even spending time together in ways that are nonsexual can benefit you both. You’ll be surprised how frisky you can both get from a simple hiking trek!