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How to Set up Parking or Parking Business

A parking or parking business is a project that today leaves excellent profits, as street parking is totally limited. Giving an opportunity for those entrepreneurs who want to start their own business, and the good thing about parking is that large buildings are not necessary, it can be mounted on an outside lot and eventually expand.

The parking business is usually in places where it is impossible to park on public roads, be it central locations, shopping centers, near airports, hospitals or near events where there are large crowds. The good thing about the parking business is that you don’t have to own the property, since you can choose to rent the property and manage it yourself. It is a good opportunity for those entrepreneurs who do not have great capital to invest.

Who is the parking business for?

The parking business is for every entrepreneur who wants to invest in a rental / lease or purchase a parking lot, and who are looking for a high long-term return rate and a stable business in the future. If this is what you are looking for, it is your ideal business.

How is work in a parking business?

Once the parking business is loaded, there is not much to do, because it is an automatic business. Where the main concerns of the entrepreneur is the hiring of employees so that they can assist customers, manage earnings and keep daily records. After that, the only thing left is to keep the place in optimal conditions and look for monthly clients to cover fixed expenses.

How does a parking business generate money?

All parking businesses earn money by temporarily “renting” empty spaces with vehicles, which pay a fee per hour, days or months. The parking lots are very profitable in the peak hours, where the cities are saturated with vehicles, either because it is a central place or because there is an event.

Is there growth potential for a parking business?

Although it may not seem like it, a parking business has great growth potential. Many owners start with a single parking lot and eventually manage to buy other lots and even private parking lots of buildings. Well, like any business, planning is needed, and if this is viable, it is more than certain that success will be achieved.

Skills and experiences to consider for a successful parking business

To achieve a successful parking business, you have to identify the real opportunities where a parking lot can really work. Therefore, we must analyze all situations and determine the potential demand and calculate the income to see if they can cover the expenses. If income exceeds monthly expenses, it will certainly be a success. It’s important to invest in pay and display machines.

How much is the cost to open a parking business?

The costs to start a parking business include rent or purchase of the place, the necessary equipment such as transaction machines, security cameras, ticket generator, computers, etc. Keep in mind that garages with more than one floor will be much more expensive to maintain. But to have a basic idea, with USD $ 10,000 you can set up a parking lot in a simple lot with a roof + its registration with the municipal authorities and if we want something bigger, the costs will be doubled.

Do you need some kind of experience for this business?

It is advisable to investigate and see how other parking lots work, but in reality it is a very simple business to manage. Which does not need any previous experience, you just need to know a basic business management.

A note:  Parking lots depend primarily on location, so you don’t need any advertising to capture customers. Something that helps attract customers is attractive prices and the security.


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