Erectile dysfunction may act as a symptom of other underlying health conditions. The ED condition comes as the first sign and with careful medical checkup, you can find other problems. Sometimes it’s caused by the health problems in your body. You need your doctor to have a look before deciding how to treat the problem.

You can, however, find that alcohol, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure as the cause of your ED. Suffering any of these can lead to your condition. Some get their condition from stressful situations. If you can cut on alcohol consumption, weight and eat well, and avoid stress, the condition can be managed. But with long-term conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, you can find avanafil to produce harder erections.

Choosing the right treatment

When faced with ED, you need to find what works for you. Remember doctor prescriptions are better placed to address your issue; avoid self-treatment. Men who complain of ED suffer from impotence, poor ejaculation, and lack of interest in sexual desires.

The causes are hormonal, neural, and vascular. Organic vascular causes are responsible for sexual dysfunction in men. Smoking, high pressure, and diabetes are the risk factors that cause ED. Diabetes, however, doesn’t respond effectively to Viagra pills treatments.

Physically, bicycle riding can be considered a risk factor as it interferes with the normal functioning of arteries. The narrow saddles and straddle injuries can obstruct the blood flow from and into the penis. They may impair the arteries causing a high risk of impotence.

The neurological factors are responsible for depression, hypertension, and heart diseases. Stroke and sclerosis are risk factors that cause impotence.

Treatment options online

The oral treatment is standard and includes the genericViagra, vardenafil, avanafil,and Cialis.You can buy Viagra online with doses of 20 mg, 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg. The man’s penis becomes erect when the nitric oxide gas relaxes the muscles to allow blood flow; the blood fills the penis to make it erect. When sexual stimulation happens and the man won’t erect, you can take the oral ED drugs to increase the nitric oxide effect. It helps to either maintain an erection or start an erection.

It’s also natural that some men may not maintain an erection with age; the aging effect. Below 75 years with a natural ED you can buy vardenafil 20mg to improve your condition; have an erection that can last.

Alcohol and ED drugs

High alcohol content changes the chemical reaction of ED drugs. Because of the chemical alteration, the penis erection may not happen. The produced chemical then reduces the blood pressure to worrying levels. This can be extremely risky to your health, especially if you’re suffering from any other condition.

Alcohol and ED drugs can also have adverse side effects such as dizziness, fainting, and headaches. Others include nausea, vomiting, indigestion, and muscle pains. Note that the drugs don’t work for the cases of stroke, sclerosis, and diabetes.