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How Your Business Grows With The 3CX Phone Systems

The 3CX phone system is a powerful unified communications system that packs a punch. It’s perfect for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and global enterprises, and it’s affordable, which makes it very appealing to budget-holders.

We partnered with 3CX because their UCaaS solution offers the best overall value for organizations looking to improve their communication strategies. By staying with us, you’ll get access to our latest innovations and benefits that will help your business grow.

First 3cx Phone System Demo

Our clients needed a 3cx solution that could quickly adapt to their changing needs and demands in the business world.

What we did?

After sorting through solutions from top unified communications providers, we found 3CX. And our initial impressions were true; 3CX was astonishing in its capabilities.

3CX’s unified platform promised to simplify our clients’ communication needs by combining their contact center with a phone system and video conferencing suite. With no need to switch between multiple interfaces, we could save both time and money on our communications expenses. And with everyone on the same platform, sharing resources became much easier – no more arguments about who has the Skype password or trying to find the right conference room for an off-site meeting.

5 Reasons for How 3CX Phone System helps business

  1. 3CX is most reliable phone system 

Our engineers are certified on the latest business phone systems and they find 3CX to still be one of the best options for performance and uptime. With an average uptime of 99.9% and automatic failover to our UK data-centre, you can rest assured that your business-critical communications will run smoothly with a 3CX solution from The VoIP Shop.

No matter what you’re working on, 3CX has got your back. From releasing new versions of our mobile clients with the latest iOS and Android updates, to ensuring that all features available through the PBX are up-to-date – there’s never a dull moment with 3CX. Plus, we love introducing new features like WebRTC web meetings which set our product apart from the rest. With everything you need in one place, it’s easy to see why so many organizations worldwide rely on 3CX for their communication needs!

  1. 3CX helps to save phone bills

To stand out from the competition, 3CX knew they needed to price their communication service realistically. Selling a feature rich product at an expensive rate wasn’t going to be enough – they had to find a way to offer amazing value while still remaining competitive.

With 3CX, we’ve been able to slash our clients phone bills by up to 80%. Here are just a few of the ways that they’re saving:

  • Delivering their calls through our own network of servers, reducing costs associated with third party providers like Skype and Vonage.
  • Automated calling features that answer and route calls automatically for swift customer service resolutions.
  • Increased access to VoIP applications like Skype for Business, so that customers can collaborate phones without worrying about bandwidth limitations.

3CX is a platform that doesn’t charge for add-ons, so it’s not uncommon to find hidden charges after seeing a great headline price. This means we’re able to have open, honest sales conversations from the very first time a client engages with us, rather than having to wait on the vendor to confirm prices.

  1. 3CX have complete Innovation 

With 3CX, our customers can stay ahead of the curve by having an integrated solution that meets their evolving needs. From our early adoption of the SIP standard and WebRTC video calling to our powerful live chat solution that allows agents to quickly transition from chat to call, we make sure that 3CX is equipped for today AND tomorrow’s customer.

We love that 3CX’s nimble approach brings high-quality features to market quickly so you never have to worry about falling behind.

  1. Grow Business by 3cx Phone system

With 3CX, you get all of the features you need in one easy-to-use bundle without having to spend extra money on add-ons. When it’s time to put new users online, upgrading is easy – and they’ll be up and running in minutes!

At 3CX, we believe that Communication is essential to building strong relationships. That’s why we have complete flexibility over the endpoint – from the IP phones, mobiles and headsets we recommend, to the support services we provide. We know customers want choice, so our selection of devices is vast and includes a wide range of prices and features. And with our vendor partner backup, you can be sure your communication will be reliable and up to date. Come talk to us about how 3CX can work best for you!

  1. Choose the 3cx Perfect Partner

The first point is that 3CX does not directly sell to customers. To purchase the 3CX solution, you’ll need to find a licensed reseller. For us, this gives security, knowing that we will continue to provide the best service to our customers with full support from the vendors and not worry about competing against them. Another option is to use referral models where the MSP earns a profit for each client that is found, and, often, this leads to an effort to be the best and sales becoming the main business goal instead of customer service. It’s safe to say that this wasn’t how we wanted to operate.

3CX has been a leading provider of phone systems and VoIP services. We understand the importance of quality customer support, and that’s why we offer Hosted Solutions in our UK datacenter with personalized helpdesk support available 24/7. Our high-spec phones are fully optimized for VoIP use, and our certified engineers are experts in all things VOIP. Do you want your busy IT administrators to be up to date on the latest VoIP technology? Then choose 3CX!

This the reason for We Choose The 3CX Phone System. Now It’s upto to You

Our success with 3CX has led us to believe that this is the best business phone system on the market. As a result, we’ve made it our lead communications solution for our customers – and the proof is in the numbers! Since partnering with 3CX, we’ve sold more systems than any other 3CX reselling Partner in UK  – and we’re just getting started!

If you’re curious about why so many customers are falling for The VoIP Shop and 3CX, contact our team and request your free demo today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about how these two companies can benefit your business.

By ZakirJussab

Founded in 2008 our company started out in the wholesale telecoms market, selling very high quality routes to other wholesalers and VoIP providers. Through providing routes to wholesale customers we have developed strong bilateral relationships with top Tier1 carriers throughout the world, allowing us to purchase the best quality routes at the best rates available on the market.