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Ideas on how to stock and accessorise a home bar


Nov 1, 2022

Home bars have become an integral part of some of our homes over lockdown. A lot of Brits used the time over lockdown to create their very own home bars. Transforming sheds, garages, and spare rooms into bespoke bars and homely pubs.

The excitement doesn’t end at just building the bar though, stocking and accessorising your home bar is all part of the fun. You can pick a theme to follow, or simply fill your bar with whatever appeals to you: an eclectic dream. If you are struggling with ideas on what to fill your bar with, some themes are listed below:

  •         Hawaii
  •         Western
  •         Sports bar
  •         Gin bar
  •         Bistro
  •         Garden bar

Depending on your theme you’re going to want to choose relevant accessories that tie together. For example, for a western themed bar, a lot of wood and destressed furniture will look good. As well as brass and things adorned on the wall, such as rugs or antiques. Accessorising your bar can be as minimal or maximal as you wish, but the best bars tend to eb the ones that are fun and interesting.

For example, say you want a beach bar theme, try hanging beachballs from the ceiling and have towels laid out on tables/chairs. Inflatable pool toys and other quirky beach gear can really make the interior pop. If you want to be a bit cheeky, empty a sun lotion bottle and fill it with hand sanitizer for your guests to apply before their ‘beach day’. Themed cocktails are also a great idea if you have friends over regularly.

If you truly want to make the bar your own, personalised bar signs are a great addition. After all, the only thing that separates your home bar from a regular garage is its name. Personalised bar signs can add a lot of character to your home bar and can be a great conversation starter for friends, guests and family who fancy a pint in your home pub. If you’re spending all the money on the bar itself, it is only right that it gets a quirky name too!

Accessory ideas

  •         Bar runners
  •         Personalised coasters
  •         Personalised bar logo t-shirts
  •         Personalised bar sign
  •         Rugs
  •         Chalkboard
  •         Drinks menu
  •         Plants/fake plants


All bars function better when they have some amenities. Perhaps your garden bar also has access to a hot tub for you and your guests to sip drinks in. Or perhaps you’re more of a sports fan and your bar boasts a huge TV and excellent sound system. Or a karaoke machine. Whatever entertainment you choose for your bar, think carefully. Entertainment is an investment and can really make or break the bar experience.


Your home bar has the luxury of stocking whatever you want. No more settling for whatever is on draft, you get to pick what your fridges hold, and your taps are full of.

If you’re a cocktail fan and plan on having guests often, a well-stocked spirits and mixers section is absolutely essential. Of course, you’re going to need the basics such as vodka, one or two gins, A light and a dark rum, and even a tequila if you’re a fan of margaritas. As well as a selection of mixers, liquors, and juices to make fruity concoctions. If you’re feeling particularly fancy, you could also add a garnishes section of fruits and other cocktail accessories to make your drinks pop. Lemons, limes, olives, mint, granulated sugar, and whipped cream are essential garnishes.

Glasses are important if you want to serve up a selection of drinks. That means whiskey glasses, gin glasses, wine, pint, half pint, etc.

Depending on your bar’s vibe, you’re going to want the correct kind of snacks. If you favour the traditional pub feeling, pork scratchings and peanuts are fine. But if you’re going more for an upscale spirit’s lounge, try up market snacks like flavoured popcorns, fruit, and assorted nuts.

Really, your bar should reflect and represent whatever you want. The beauty of a home bar is that you get to choose how it looks, feels, smells and what is in it. As well as the name on your personalised bar sign!

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