Imagine going to the casino with friends or family and coming away thinking that you had no luck on that occasion. Only to find out that due to an error you had won big but were unaware.

Well just recently this happened to a Arizona local. The Las Vegas slot machine winner  had to be tracked down after an ‘error’ meant he was unaware of $229,000 jackpot at Treasure Island casino.


The Arizona resident could not be identified so the state’s gaming authorities launched an exhaustive hunt to find him.

Robert Taylor had visited the Treasure Island casino on the city’s famous Strip on 8 January when he walked way thinking he had not been a winner.

A “communications error” on the slot machine meant no one was aware of the big win, said the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB).

Treasure Island had tried unsuccessfully to identify the winner. Mr Taylor however had already arrived back at his Arizona home. Agents from the NGCB took up the hunt to find Mr Taylor.

In an FBI style investigation, they spent two weeks searching hours of CCTV, interviewing witnesses, studying electronic records and digging into transport data from a rideshare company.

Finally identified after three weeks since spinning the reels, Mr Taylor was notified that his trip had been rather lucrative, landing him a $229,368.52 jackpot.

Alot of time casinos are seen as in a bad light but this is a great example of how much work each casino does to find and help their winners.

This also happens with casinos not on gamcare, casinos are out to keep their customers happy.

We always wonder how many more examples of this kind heartness have not been publicised.