Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 13.13.33A herd of headstrong heifers hoofing it up in Hadrians hills!

WALLSTEADS, NORTHUMBERLAND, APRIL 20, 2015 –If you havent herdabout them, you soon will as this bevvy of bovine beauties stampede onto screens for a new show that will leave you gasping for mooo-re.

In the premier of Keeping Up with the Cowdashians,we are introduced to the five feisty Cowdashian sisters Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie, who bring sass to the grass and sway to the hay.

Viewers will be stunned by the sistersability to milk every drama for all its worth, while looking fabulous in the foothills of Northumberland.

The pro-moo video can be viewed at:

The online reality TV show is the brainchild of Great British Meat Company Director (and GBMC-TV Executive Producer), Sam Wass, 38, of Low Fell, Gateshead.

The boss of the Team Valley firm created the concept with Newcastle film and digital agency Future&Co as a fun way of highlighting the quality of locally sourced produce while poking fun at reality TV stars.

Sam said: We studied charts of the Cheviots and searched the peaks of the Pennines to find the coolest cows in Christendom for this show.

These heifers make chewing the cud look good! Their milk-shaking brings all the bulls to the barn! They will ring your cowbell and they will honk your horn!

In the first show Ooo-arr the Cowdashianswe are introduced to the five sisters at their home in Hadrians hills Wallsteads Farm and the farmer charged with keeping them in check, Alastair Patterson.

Alastair, who has 40 years farming experience, said: This is the first time any animal of mine has featured in its own show, but theyve picked five corkers to focus on.

I dont know what kind of drama people are looking for with reality TV, but if they want to watch videos of cows eating grass, wandering around and dropping cow pats then theyre in for a treat!

The Cowdashians were all raised at Wallsteads Farm in Northumberland.

Sam was keen to look at ways of highlighting the companys passion to source produce regionally and came up with the Cowdashian concept to poke fun a celebrity culture with the Creative Team at Future & Co.

Sam said: From Geordie Shore to Big Brother, people love reality TV drama. Whether its Paul Burrell fingering insects in the jungle or George Galloway dressed in a leotard pretending to be a cat, reality TV has given us some of the most memorable TV moments in recent yearswell, youll get none of that with Cowdashians, but it might give viewers a wee chuckle.

We are not aiming for Oscars with this, its all a bit of farmyard fun and hopefully will make people think a little bit about where their food comes from and how it is produced.

Good meat comes from good farmers and Alastair is one of the best. We want our customers to know our beef comes from grass fed cows and, wherever possible, locally sourced. We buy from the best farmers so we know that we get the best meat.

The Cowdashians even have their own Twitter and Facebook accounts: @kimcowdashian and

Future productions depends on the popularity of the sistersfirst appearance online, but Sam is already working on introducing Cownye West as a love interest and mixing things up by sending two cows to New York to launch a fashion chain.