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Knee operation success for Saltburn businessman

Nick Moore makes the most of the sunshine on Saltburn Promenade.A Saltburn businessman has described his relief after waiting ten years for a knee operation.

Nick Moore, 75, who runs a recruitment firm, has rediscovered his love of cycling after living with severe joint pain for over a decade.

When he first visited the clinic of Mr Hui, a specialist knee surgeon at Nuffield Health Tees Hospital, Nick decided to wait as long as possible before undergoing replacement surgery on his right knee.

Nick said: “I decided to hang on as long as possible before having the surgery – that was nearly ten years ago. I persevered with it. But it got to the stage where it was hurting most of the time and I couldn’t hold out any longer.”

Nick, a keen cyclist, golfer and badminton player in his youth, began to find his hobbies increasingly difficult and painful. He finally underwent surgery on 3 February 2016.

Nick added: “Before the surgery I couldn’t put pressure on the pedals on my bike but now, I can cycle regularly as part of my rehabilitation and it has made a huge difference. The pain grew so steadily over time, I didn’t realise just how debilitating it had become until after the surgery.”

Mr Hui, specialist knee surgeon at Nuffield Health Tees Hospital, said: “I’m delighted that Nick is no longer in pain and is feeling the benefits of a successful knee replacement. It’s gratifying to know that the work we do allows our patients to fully enjoy life and get back to the hobbies their conditions prevent.

“Knee replacements are very common nowadays and very often, they’re completely painless.”

Nick concluded: “I’d like to send my heartfelt thanks to Mr Hui and the whole team at Nuffield Tees – although I still have some physio to go, I’ve really come out on top – the operation has worked wonders for me, I can’t imagine why I waited so long before having it done.”

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