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Your friendly local barista bringing Handcrafted Coffee, Herbal Tea, Italian Hot Chocolate and Sweet Treats to events near you.

Our coffee is sustainably sourced, roasted in small batches, ground before your eyes and lovingly made into a beverage of your choice.

From farmers markets to festivals, corporate events and weddings we can cater for your needs. You can even hire our Piaggio Ape to advertise your company.

Adoro Caffe announce their plans to build a Foundation, enabling them to help future coffee farmers…….

The head of sales and marketing Jane Wallace spoke to North East Connected earlier today about their plans to develop a Foundation which will allow future coffee farmers accessibility to decent health care, education and a good quality of living. 


Jane spoke passionately about the daily struggles that face the farmers and their families. From land owners increasing the price of goods in the farm shop to being forced to work long hours to repay debts due to these price increases on things we take for granted.

“We want to make a difference to the people who work hard to provide us with the coffee bean which makes a beverage we often take for granted. Coffee has become a daily staple in many peoples lives and is one of the largest commodities in the world. . .You can read the full story on our web site. We hope to build a Foundation to work with our business. This Foundation will help support farmers from countries where our beans originate. Every cup or bag of our coffee bought gets us one step closer to helping make a difference to the next generation of coffee farmers and their families.


If you want to find out more contact Jane –