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Launch of Consulthon’s Advisory Call Service – giving businesses access to top level consultants for free/a fraction of the cost

Consulthon is, this week, launching its Advisory Call Service – aiming to give SME’s access to top level consultants for free and at a fraction of the normal cost.

Businesses can post a challenge they need help with, Consulthon’s network of experienced consultants will respond to the challenge offering advice and solutions – for free.

The business can look through all the advice and then decide to engage further with the consultant they feel has understood the problem and offered the solution that best fits what the business needs.

Having picked the consultant they would like to talk to, the business can email them directly through the platform for more information, and can book a paid-for hour-long consultancy call and deep-dive session.

For many SME challenges, one or two hours of phone consultancy is often sufficient to solve the problem – and it is far more cost effective than bringing a consultant into the business.

All the consultants are vetted by Consulthon and the platform offers businesses access to a wide range of skills (from marketing and legal to business development and process improvement) in a variety of sectors and countries.

Consulthon is a Management Consulting expert network set up by Marieta Bencheva and Mirel Baila. It operates as an online marketplace and consulting service brokerage connecting experienced consultants with businesses needing short-term help and advice.

Mirel has over 13 years’ experience as a consultant in commercial and investment banking and has particular expertise in outplacement (helping employers find new jobs for employees they are making redundant).

Marieta has 10 years’ consultancy experience in financial services and insurance and has particular expertise in productivity, creating lean business models, process mapping and process Improvement.

“All businesses, big and small, have challenges from time to time, and periodically all entrepreneurs and managers need to call in expert help – but it can be difficult to know who to trust. Does the person you are hiring really have the right experience and expertise, do they have good ideas, do they understand your business? By using the Consulthon Advisory Call Service you can be sure that that the person is right for your business challenge – as you’ve already put them to the test.’ explains Marieta Bencheva.

“We recognised that many smaller businesses could benefit from the help of an experienced consultant – but simply couldn’t afford it. By being able to book a one-hour consultancy session that can immediately deep dive into the problem (as all the preliminaries have already been covered) is a great way for SMEs to get access to the same expertise as those on the FTSE500.” says Mirel Baila.

To post your business challenge visit:

Consulthon is a UK Management Consulting expert network. Businesses can raise a Business Challenge and the network’s experts will brainstorm solutions. After selecting the answer they like the most, the business can book a paid one-hour advisory call and deep-dive session with that consultant. All the consultants are vetted by Consulthon and the platform offers businesses access to a wide range of skills, in a variety of sectors and countries.




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