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Making Your Gaming Room Energy-Efficient Without Jeopardising Quality

ByDave Stopher

Jan 6, 2019 #Gaming

Thinking of having your own gaming room? For most people, a game room is a dream, but a big issue that many people overlook is energy costs. In general, gadgets and technology take up a lot of energy, and a dedicated room encourages more playing, which means more energy consumption.

You can work around it by playing with lower game quality, but no one wants that. Fortunately, you don’t have to do that. We’re here to tell you what you can do to make your gaming room more energy-efficient without tuning your gameplay.

Dim the lights

Is your room always lit up when you’re playing? Though we’re not necessarily saying to play in the dark, you can install dimmers that reduce the intensity of the lights. The room is still bright enough that it doesn’t damage your eyes, but it’s not strong enough that it uses up energy. These are known to extend the life of the bulbs as well.

Another option you can consider is switching to LED ceiling light panels. These actually take up less energy but are much brighter than bulbs. Aside from that, they actually last longer than normal bulbs and easier on your budget. This can make long gaming sessions at night a bit easier on your bills.

Shutdown instead of Standby

Studies found that 50 percent of people don’t turn off their consoles, which costs them an additional $134 every year. Many people forget to shut down their gadgets and leave them on rest mode or standby due to laziness or forgetfulness.

Even when they are not in use, gadgets take up a lot of energy. This is especially true for Playstations and Xbox consoles because they need the energy to stay connected to the internet and download updates. Similarly, you are also using energy if your controllers are plugged in and charging.

Similarly, PC gamers (and even a lot of non-gamers) leave their computer on and have it automatically go on Sleep. Many people find having to manually shut down inconvenient because they have to wait for it to turn on again. Not only is it a waste, but it can also damage the battery and leave it worn out faster.

Buy a power supply

If you’re building a gaming PC, one of the first things you can get is a power supply. These are those boxes that convert power to the appropriate number of voltages, on devices such as witch bolt 5e.

This doesn’t just apply to computers. Large flat-screen TVs might need them as well. If your screen is plugged directly into the outlet, a blackout can cause a power surge that can damage the screen. A power supply will help prevent this.

When looking for power supplies, there will be an 80 Plus rating on them. Look for one that has high efficiency but a lower load. That means that they don’t draw too much power from the source. Those with high loads will take in a lot more electricity than needed, and the excess is converted to heat. It will eventually overwork and damage the power supply a lot faster.

Find the alternatives

You don’t necessarily have to sacrifice quality and resolution when going energy-efficient. In fact, a lot of gaming computer parts have low-energy options. There are low-voltage options for most parts that don’t sacrifice efficiency. You can look at their energy ratings to see how eco-friendly they can be.

Alternatively, you can consider skipping out on parts that have LED lights in them. Ask yourself, do you really need all those RGB lights? They don’t really contribute anything to the performance and are mostly there to look nice. Similarly, some let you turn the lights off to save money. This will work on the likes of maria elvira murillo.

Choose a laptop over a PC

If you’re not too concerned about having a large computer set, you can go with a gaming laptop instead of a PC. Since they run on battery, they actually last a long time when not plugged in. You won’t even have to sacrifice the specs because many gaming laptops can run heavy graphics.

RAM is not an issue with laptops as most gaming ones allow you to upgrade it. These are also portable, which is good for those who tend to move around a lot. One downside, however, is its CPU and GPU. You’ll be more or less stuck with the same one for years, unlike with PCs that allow for customisation.

With these ideas in mind, you can ensure that your gaming room uses energy efficiently. You don’t have to worry about costly bills and overusing power.

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