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Men’s Lasting Enhancements

In the world of cosmetology, it would appear we’ve been inadvertently programmed to believe it’s a female territory. We know all about treatments such as lip enhancements and microblading. And we’re all aware men are less inclined to take this type of road.

The class of procedure mentioned above is heavy weight players in aesthetics. They sit more than comfortably underneath their banner. But as time moves on, available treatments are evolving – and along with this evolution, the audience it’s targetting is extending. However, there’s a new one that’s providing a huge boom on the block. And with all the facts taken into consideration, it shouldn’t be too surprising to learn it’s one aimed predominantly towards men.

The treatment in question is Scalp Micropigmentation, or SMP for short. And it comes with an immense sigh of relief to men spanning the country, given it’s one that works against the age-old problem of hair loss.

So how does it work? Using techniques paralleling permanent makeup, natural pigments are implanted in the form of tiny dots underneath the skins layer on the scalp. The idea behind the science is they replicate tiny hair follicles. The final result is an appearance of either density to thinning hair or the look of a shaved scalp. It’s a treatment that works particularly well on cases of pattern baldness but is also effective with the full range of alopecias. Yet it also has another purpose which is really rather ingenious. As it additionally serves as a camouflaging treatment, effectively concealing scars caused by accidents or medical intervention.

Sound a little unreachable? Are you assuming it’s a product aimed solely to the red carpet brigade? Well, think on, because it’s neither – and it’s also instant, affordable and comes with guaranteed and permanent results. And to boot, right on your very doorstep in Swalwell, sits a clinic close to the Newcastle’s Metrocentre called Men’s Lasting Enhancements which can provide you with the very treatment we are talking about.

The clinic’s founders are Danielle Cavanagh and Linda McFarlane. They are two indubitable veterans in the aesthetics industry and also in Scalp Micropigmentation treatments. They produce a formidable duo having racked up an impressive & combined 18 years of experience in aesthetics. However, their well-earned pride runs beyond the hard work and experience as they’ve now gained themselves the unarguable number one spot for SMP procedures in the North East of England.

Danielle and Linda began their journey as providers of the classic beauty treatments using permanent makeup techniques. After realizing there was a gap in the market and seeing SMP taking the America’s by storm they took their existing expertise to the world-renowned Brandwood training clinic. After completing their education in Scalp Micropigmentation there was no looking back.

Danielle and Linda at Men’s Lasting Enhancements are now fully licensed practitioners of SMP and are wholly recognized for their work. An accolade which has been deservedly enforced leading them to become Team Micro Certified. An impressive ticket considering Team Micro is the main International service provider to the SMP industry. It’s courtesy of this luminary recognition their clinic powers through, gaining strength and reputation on a daily basis.

If you’re looking to make contact with Danielle and Linda at Men’s Lasting Enhancements, they are within easy reach. You can connect with them through their comprehensive website or alternatively via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Their clinic in Swalwell is modern and comfortable and it serves the Newcastle, Sunderland, Gateshead and Tyne & Wear areas. To book appointments is the first step in your combat against the dreaded hair loss so why not give them a call – see what they can do for you.

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