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Most Underrated Places to Visit in the United Kingdom

London, Dublin, and Edinburgh are not the only places worth visiting in the United Kingdom. There are so many remarkable places in the region that are underrated among tourists. However, they do not offer less in terms of attraction. In fact, they all boast unique charms that will make your trip worth it. Here are a few of the most underrated places to visit in the United Kingdom.



Most trips to Scotland are always centered around Edinburgh. However, there are more exciting places beyond the capital. Glasgow is one place you can go to have a great time if you prefer the city feel but do not want to deal with the bustle of the capital city. It gives an exhilarating feeling of being in the city without the rush of Edinburgh. Many award-winning tours to Scotland include a visit to the historic region.

There is an abundance of things to do in Glasgow. You can start your exploration of the area from the medieval university to the other historical structures that display the area’s history. You can also enjoy checking out vintage markets and funky shops that dot the area. When you are done, you will start looking forward to the next time you visit the area.



If train tickets from Manchester to London are not appealing to you, you can steer your adventure in another direction. Book a ticket to Newcastle instead to explore one of the most underrated cities in the United Kingdom. This region is one of the places where you can live a bit of the past and present. Despite the mostly-cold temperature, you can almost always see people out dressed to party and enjoy the nightlife.

Interestingly, Grey Street in Newcastle has once been voted the finest street in Britain. You can go there to take a picture for the memories’ sake. After that, take your time to move through the area’s contemporary art museums to see the past keepsakes that will probably awaken nostalgic feelings in you. For more nostalgia, you can enter one of the pubs in the area and revel in its historic interiors. Other notable sights in the area include the bridges that span the Tyne and have existed for centuries.


This old county is a dreamy escape from the bustle of city life. The old region is a perfect spot to relax as you spend your day walking along the serene parks while passing through ancient castles that have survived centuries. While walking in Bedfordshire, you should ensure you pay a visit to Wrest Park, a 19th-century country house with chateau-like architecture that will wow you.

Bedfordshire also boasts strong ties to the past through historic sites like the Stevington windmill and the Ridgmont Station Heritage Center. You should dedicate some time to visiting Biggleswade, where you can see an extensive collection of old military aircraft in the Shuttleworth Collection. Overall, the region is a dream for adventurers who get their thrill from enchanting views of historic structures.

Orkney Islands, Scotland


If you love the Scottish highlands but don’t want to deal with the holiday crowd in the popular spots, you have a few alternatives. One is to explore other parts of the highland tourists seldomly congregate. Another option is to opt for the equally scenic but less appreciated Orkney Island. This spot is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the entire country.

Apart from enjoying the respite from the highlands noise, you can spend valuable time walking along the remarkable spots in the area. Two places you should not miss are the town of Kirkwall and the port of Stromness. You can explore further into the region from these spots, especially if it is your first time in the area. Other iconic sites you should not forget to visit include the chambered tomb of Maes Howe, the seabird-dotted cliffs of Hoy, and St. Magnus Cathedral, which dates back to the 1100s.

Pembrokeshire, Wales

If you want to see the coastline while vacationing undisturbed in the UK, consider going to Pembrokeshire in Wales. The region is primarily known for its coastline but also boasts a fantastic diversity you can only see in a few other places in the country. For instance, you have stunning strips of beaches to relax while rugged cliffs peek out in the background. There are also wildlife reserves to look forward to. All of these make Pembrokeshire one of the most underrated places to visit in the United Kingdom.

If you finally decide to go on a trip to the area, you can plan your itinerary to leave enough time to explore each of the attractions the area offers. You can spend some time in Penally, a stunning beach with tiny enclosed coves that will make you believe you have a piece of the world to yourself.


There are many more underrated places to visit in the United Kingdom that you cannot see them all, even if you spend a month there. What you can do is plan your trip to visit the places that are closer to each other. You can take advantage of the advanced train system in the region to make your trip easier and more cost-effective.


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