With cities expanding and increasing populations, the rents of places are also skyrocketing. With this alarming situation, it is becoming increasingly hard to have extra space elsewhere for a room or an office.

And if you have a loft or an attic in your house that isn’t under any use, you can easily convert it according to your needs—whether it be an extra bedroom, bathroom, cupboard, library or a home office.

Here is a small guide to get you started in the right direction:

  1. Does Your Loft Qualify to Convert?Before starting, there are certain requirements that your loft should meet in able to be qualified to be converted. You want your extra room to pass building inspections and permits before you heed on to spend money on it. These requirements include:
  • Head Space: There should be enough headspace in your loft,so people aren’t hunched at all times. The minimum requirement is of 2.3m, and if your loft is less high than that, you can either raise the parts of the ceiling or lower the floor of the loft.
  • Strong Foundation: Although an extra room and renovations won’t add much weight to your house, you still need to make sure that your house foundations are strong enough. Just dig up a little hole to check that or check your house plans if you have any. The building inspector will most probably like to know that too before approving.
  1. Pre-Planning and Budget: After preliminary inspections and before starting, you should outline your budget. The amount of money required will be directly proportional to the scale of therenovations. If you want extra natural light, you’ll have to fit in windows. If the height is not ideal, you’ll also have to raise ceilings. If your loft doesn’t have a nice staircase, that will be needed.

It also depends on what you want it to be converted into. A bedroom will require extra fittings of electric wires,the same with an office, whereas a bathroom up there will require extra plumbing. If you’re unfamiliar with building prospects, you should contact a contractor. Or you can consult a professionalfor loft conversion Sutton.

After your budget is decided, you should also make a plan about what else will be needed. Do you need an extra bed, cupboards, or extra office equipment? It also depends on the shape of your loft. Think about how you can utilize the angular spaces.

  1. Décor and Furniture: During renovations (or after, if you’re doing the renovations yourself), you can think about various décor and furniture with which you can lighten up space. Remember the angular spaces (if they haven’t risen) and how to make them useful. You can shop for material that provides built-in spaces and fits it. Having a theme helps you design it accordingly, too.

Thus, if you need an extra room in your house and have the money to invest in it, you can convert your loft into a beautiful room catered specially to your needs.