A new toys and gifts business has opened in Middlesbrough town centre thanks to a bequest from the owner’s late father.

Rebecca Wood’s dad left her enough money to quit her job and start Rebecca’s Toys, Gifts and More in Dundas Indoor Market, selling a range of toys and gifts for children of all ages.

Rebecca had the support of her partner, mother, son and daughter, who all now help in her new business, when she gave up her career in training and recruitment to work for herself.

“I started going to weekend craft fairs selling toys and gifts and set up a Facebook group which now has nearly 2,000 members to sell my goods,” explains Rebecca, who lives in Hemlington.

“When I realised that I was looking forward to going to the weekend fairs much more than going to work, I knew it was time to move on.  My dad knew that I wanted to do this and left me enough money when he passed away to fulfil my dream.  I opened my new business on the anniversary of his passing and I know Rebecca’s Toys, Gifts and More will be a fitting tribute to his memory.

Rebecca’s new business sells a wide range of toys for children of pre-school age through to teenagers, and she has made sure to secure a good stock of unicorns which are tipped to be this year’s Christmas big seller.

She says: “We’ve got lots of choice of unicorn games, puzzles, crafts and gifts, including unicorn LED light plaques, all at very reasonable prices.  We also sell gift vouchers, so if you are not sure what to buy you can let the child choose after Christmas.

Rebecca has benefitted from Dundas Market’ business creation and growth scheme, where new businesses can rent an Enterprise Unit for as little as £60 per week all in.

She continues: “It’s meant that my start-up costs weren’t too high and I could get the business up and running as a showcase for my online followers while I build up trade in the indoor market. I really like it here in the market.  It’s a nice atmosphere, everybody’s friendly and the market manager David Harris has been most helpful.

David Harris says: “Rebecca’s business is a very welcome addition to our mix of traders.  She is lucky because space in our vibrant market is now at a premium and we are having to create more retail space to accommodate more businesses which want to join us.  But, we still want to hear from prospective new tenants and welcome enquiries.”

Further information on Rebecca’s Toys Gifts and More is available from https://www.facebook.com/groups/270203413402439/

Further information about units in Dundas Market is available from David Harris on tel. 01642 232552 or by email david.harris@dundasindoormarket.co.uk.