A construction worker from Newcastle has hung up his hard hat and set up his own business, specialising in baby led weaning.

Keith Brownsword’s company BabyLed Spreads are based in East Wallhouses, Northumberland and have a focus on producing recipes for weaning babies that are both healthy and organic.

Keith had worked in the construction industry, in multiple roles for his whole life, before the birth of his daughter 2 years ago, when he gained a whole new perspective on life in general. “Everything suddenly became about doing the best for my daughter and giving fatherhood my all.” Keith said. When going through the weaning stage with his daughter, Keith began to look up ways of being able to feed her healthily. He began to research everything there is to know about baby led weaning.

How did Keith go from being a loving father to an ambitious entrepreneur? “I was sat with friends from a pre-natal group, eating pack lunch with our children, when one of them mentioned how hard it is to find easy lunches. This was when I thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could buy spreads for our babies, that are not only healthy but delicious.

After further research Keith gained an in-depth knowledge and thought that it would be a good idea to use these experiences to go into the industry full time.

Keith Spoke about his drastic change in career, “It was definitely hard to go from the boisterous atmosphere of a building site to working mainly with mothers” He continued, “I’d always wanted to run my own business, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. This is an ideal way of being able to express myself like never before.”

The recipes from BabyLed Spreads are all Keith’s own ideas, designed to taste good and be the perfect option for introducing babies to solid food.

For more information on BabyLed Spreads visit their website www.babyledspreads.co.uk