Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 09.46.40THE head of a North East independent research institute has visited Slovakia to advise the Government about setting up a similar research model for the country.

Chris McDonald, CEO of the Materials Processing Institute, travelled to Bratislava to be the keynote speaker at the Slovakian Research and Development Management Conference.

This included speaking with the Slovakian Government and advising on the management and cultivation of innovation centres.

Chris said: “The model of MPI as an independent research organisation for the materials, processing and energy industries is one that other countries appear keen to adopt and as an international Institute we are more than happy to help.

“It was an honour to sit on a panel with the Slovakian Government and discuss the Institute and how a similar model can benefit Slovakia.

The Head of the Slovakian Research and Development Association described MPI as “world-leading” and “successful” as he introduced Chris McDonald to the conference.

Chris continued: “This is the latest in-line of international attention the Institute has received over the last few months, and it is clear that our work is being noticed worldwide.”

Chris’s latest travels involved the CEO travelling to Shanghai to visit Wuhan University of Science and Technology, the Shanghai Metals Expo and then speak and chair a session at the BAC Conference.

Chris added: “Trips like this not only allow us to promote the Institute but also to discuss opportunities for UK companies in international markets.

“I was particularly impressed at how China is moving onto its next phase of industrialisation, driving advanced manufacturing in the hope of beating the painful period of industrial decline.

“Slovakia is hoping to do the same, and after discussions about funding models and planning for more research and innovation, the Institute will be on hand to help them advance further.”

The Materials Processing Institute is an independently owned organisation that undertakes R&D work for companies looking to streamline their processes and save on long-term costs.

The Institute works across a range of sectors including recycling and waste, construction, automotive, oil and gas and nuclear industries.