Screenshot 2015-02-16 at 08.07.35A local singer and songwriter has announced her first UK-wide tour and plans to break into the American music industry, in the coming months.


After great anticipation, Samantha Durnan of Stockton has released her 25-date university tour schedule which starts this month and will include live shows at the Universities of Teesside, Leeds, Northumbria and more.


As well as this, she’s revealed a life changing trip to New York to meet with major American producers Def Jam Records, as part of her success plan.


The 22 year old, who was signed by international record label RU:Listening, which has a branch in Teesside, last summer, is keen to make a good impression at Def Jam Records which has produced incredible work for Kanye West, Rhianna, Paul McCartney and more.


Sam is also looking forward to performing at the big apple’s renowned The Bitter End venue, where the likes of musical idols Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan and Lady Gaga have entertained.


Sam, who writes and plays indie, pop and acoustic music, said: “I feel extremely fortunate to be given these opportunities, my record label RU:Listening has been incredible.


“This has been a dream of mine since I was very small. My dad taught me how to play the guitar when I was seven, and by the time I was eight I had written and recorded my first song.  I have been performing since the age of 12 and I now have two albums!”


The hardworking and determined Northerner, who has worked alongside Ed Sheeran and Beverly Knights, is the first client of RU:Listening, which launched in June 2014.


RU:Listening’s marketing manager Junior Masandi, said: “There are a lot of talented musicians in the area, but it’s Sam’s work ethic and hunger for success that will take her that extra step further.”


Junior, who’s been in the industry for several years and worked with the likes of Tinie Tempah and Professor Green, said: “With offices in Dubai, USA, Brasil and Singapore, and a network spanning the globe, we plan to continue helping Sam to establish herself in the UK, break into America and soon pursue Dubai.


“After the UK tour and American visit, we are working towards releasing two singles with a chart pop star, which we’re not yet able to announce. We’re confident this will open more doors of opportunity for Sam.”


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