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North East is the region who care most about flash cars

Research from today reveals that despite being a high ticket item, parents still pander to their kids’ whims when it comes to purchasing a new car. A third of 2,000 UK parents questioned for the report admitted to being influenced by their children when deciding on a new set of wheels.

Kids have huge influence on parents’ choice of car with 23% of people admitting they were embarrassed of their parents car when growing up

This desire to appeal to children may come from the fact that almost a quarter (23%) of UK adults confess to being embarrassed by their own parents’ car when they were growing up, and this figure rises to 30% in Yorkshire and the Humber. Nobody wants to be the embarrassing mum or dad doing the school run, and Skoda tops the polls as the most embarrassing make of car, cited by 21% of those questioned. When it comes to the features of a car that could result in embarrassment, three wheelers top the cringe-o-metre (43%) followed by a messy interior (40%) and the colour of a car (38%) even featured in the top three reasons. Meanwhile, 37% said they were embarrassed by dents and grazes.

But it’s not just the desire to appear down with the kids that remains important when purchasing a new motor. 27% of the population take safety seriously and deem this to be the most important feature of a new car, whereas 10% look for comfort. 3% of the population pick their car out based largely on the colour, and only 4% of Brits are most concerned by how eco-friendly it is. The South West are the most green with 8% deeming eco-friendliness as the most important feature. The North East are most fussed by a flash car with 14% influenced the most by the brand of car, compared to just 4% in East Anglia. Northern Ireland is the only region where safety doesn’t come out on top (at 212), and in fact the most important element for that thrifty region is miles to the gallon (23%).

The research comes as releases a video of children revealing what they really think about their parents’ cars Dan Bass, Head of Motor at says: “lots of factors come into play when purchasing a new car and it seems those memories of embarrassment over a parents’ vehicle still linger as people are influenced by their own children’s views. It’s reassuring to see that safety is generally considered the most important factor when buying a new car, and also promising that some people are now putting the environment at the very top of their priorities. But try not to take everything the kids suggest to heart, or – judging by our video – you may end up with a pizza oven in there!”

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