Winter is well and truly here, and with it comes the layering, the chunky knits and the woollen or padded jackets. Warmth is the name of the game but does that mean that fashion and style have to go out of the window when it comes to looking sharp at work or play?

Sarah Heron, owner of Jewellery Sparkles, gives her top tips here on maximising the winter wardrobe style by adding key accessory pieces and still looking professional as a male or female.

“Winter brings with it a new wardrobe, and often the finer, lighter jewellery of the summer can get lost within the layers or the thickness of seasonal clothing.

“A different approach is needed to compliment and break up heavier fabrics and darker colours. Here is my guide to successful winter jewellery:

Go Gold

Gold always works well at this time of year. Both traditional yellow and the more modern rose gold add a warmth to outfits and also stand out against blacks, navies, and reds, all popular winter hues. For those with cooler skin tones then silver would be the metal of choice.

Go Chunky

Chunkier necklaces flatter higher and roll neck lines, drawing attention away from the bust area. Mid chest or low neck height is perfect as it creates a slimming effect.

Go Long

When it comes to earrings long, dangling, eye catching drops are perfect – they elongate the neck, which when wearing polo necks, high collars and solid jumpers or jackets is really flattering. The brighter and shinier the better, especially if coordinating with a hat.

Cuff It

Long sleeves and coats are perfectly complimented by solid cuff bracelets. They look great either worn on the top of a sleeve or peeking out adding a sparkle or shine to your wrists. Drawing attention to the slimmest part of our bodies can be achieved with an arm party of stacking bangles and bracelets – always in 3s, 5s or even 7s!

Ring The Changes

If you wear gloves, then tone down the rings so you can wear them inside the glove to show when you take them off. Anything with stones will catch and snag from the inside. Alternatively you can really ramp it up and get a ring in a size or two larger with a statement stone, and wear over your gloves for a real Breakfast at Tiffany’s wow factor.

Men Too

Men also look exceptionally stylish with winter accents of jewellery with their jumpers, suits and shirts. A glimmer of chain adds a new dimension or be really daring with an over the top dog tag style chain. Chunky solid rings also work well with cable knit jumpers and heavier fabrics.

Jewellery Sparkles is a direct sales company, specialising in Park Lane products.

Park Lane is the world’s leading direct sales, fashion jewellery company trading worldwide in over 14 countries. The company is family owned, founded in 1955 and is completely debt free.

Jewellery Sparkles is a UK franchise of Park Lane and wholly owned by Sarah Heron, based here in the North East. The jewellery is sold through social media, online at or at events, pop ups and parties.