A new North-East telecoms company is bringing people, communication, and technology together to help businesses and organisations thrive in today’s post-pandemic world.

With a personalised, customer-focused approach and ambitious plans to fill the gap left by faceless national competitors, Newcastle-based LM Global Telecoms provide communications and business systems, which gives clients the ability to work from anywhere, productively, and securely. Customers includes SME, mid-market, and enterprise businesses as well as public sector organisations.

The new company was created to be the antithesis of large, national telecoms companies, which secure new clients with promises of 1-2-1 service only to quickly relegate them to dealing with anonymous call centres. Instead, Newcastle’s LM Global has a friendly and professional, customer-first philosophy at its heart.

Founded by experienced staff, each formerly employed by major telecoms companies, LM Global has combined its admirable customer service values with outstanding technical expertise to best support its clients’ needs. Led by a trio of forward-thinking directors, LM Global now wants to let businesses and organisations across the North-East that it is here to help.

As LM Global Director Gary Luther explains: “In 2019-20, there were a series of acquisitions by national telecom organisations of North-East businesses, including the company we previously worked for. With this, we saw first-hand the changes enforced by the nationals which had a detrimental effect on our customers.

“All customer service issues were directed to a national call centre based in their HQ, including high value clients who were now put in a call queueing system behind SMB’s. No prioritisation on calls or personal account managers led to customer frustrations, dissatisfaction and eventually looking for a new supplier.” 

LM Global was created by company directors Terry Lewis, Gary Luther, and Mike Mead, and has seen impressive growth in its first 12 months, going from one to nine employees in that time. They have since added two more staff and have plans to recruit further personnel during 2022.

“Seeing the issues and customers leaving because of diluted and non-personal service (not only in our place of work but also in other business who had been acquired across the region) we spotted the opportunity to become that supplier which those customers still look for,” added director Terry Lewis. “In essence, we had relationships with the suppliers and trust in each other to deliver a new company with the values we believed in.”

Mike Mead, Director, added: “When we needed to expand, our priority was to bring in people who shared the same goals, standards and ways of working – each complimenting the other while at the same time bringing additional skills and knowledge into the business. 

“Over a six-month period, we secured staff members with skills in fields such as Technical, Provisioning/Support, Operations, and Account Management, as well as bringing in fresh, younger eyes in the Technical/Technology department. Everyone we recruited was someone we had worked with previously. This meant we knew exactly what they would bring to the business, how each person could help within the organisation, and more importantly that they would believe in and share our journey. Bringing in this experience has allowed us to enhance our solution portfolio so we can offer more services to our clients.

“We have got our business off to a very exciting start, but we have even bigger and more ambitious plans for the future. Investing in more staff members represents our commitment and drive in business development and continues to build our presence within the industry.”

LM Global’s key telecoms services for clients include Unified Communications, Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and Cisco VoIP, Business Mobiles, Omnichannel Contact Centre, and more. For further information about LM Global Telecoms and how to work with them, call the head office on (0191) 933 1333, email: info@lmglobaltelecoms.co.uk, or go to: https://lmglobaltelecoms.co.uk