A Hair and Beauty Salon based in Northumberland is leading the way when it comes to Permanent hair removal treatment. Aspen Hair and Beauty, based in Stannington near Morpeth, provides Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal Treatment which is an effective process, suitable for both men and women.

Aspen only work with British manufactured medical grade systems (Lynton, the number one market leader) which can be used on virtually any part of the body and typically reduce levels of hair growth permanently by up to 90%. It is used by the NHS and in collaboration with Manchester University. This treatment works as the intense pulse light penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the melanin (pigment) in the hair. With each flash of the bulb, the hair inside each follicle is heated for just a millisecond and the follicle is therefore destroyed in the process.

Owner of Aspen Hair and Beauty, Lorna Waddell said:

“IPL hair removal offers a convenient pain free alternative to regular waxing and shaving. Following a course of treatments you will have not only hair free but smooth silky skin.”

Actual treatments carried out by Aspen Hair and Beauty 

IPL Hair Removal Treatment is suitable for the vast majority of people and works to particularly good effect on people who have a combination of light skin and dark hair. The reason for darker hair responding better to this treatment is because it contains higher levels of melanin. Aspen Hair and Beauty uses IPL to remove hair on many parts of the body including; lip, chin, underarms, back, chest, legs. They also offer standard and extended bikini treatments.

Lorna added: “This will be one of the best investments in “you” that you can make.”

Actual treatments carried out by Aspen Hair and Beauty 

If you are concerned about this treatment being painful then there’s not an awful lot to worry about as IPL has been described as ‘relatively painless’ with discomfort considered ‘only moderate’ which may involve a subtle flicking sensation.

IPL only works on hair that is in the process of growing and therefore multiple treatments are needed for it to be effective. Aspen Hair and Beauty offers a discounted pricing scheme for clients wishing to book the recommended number of treatments.

Lorna said: “A typical course of treatments is between 6-10 and the amount of treatments depends on the area and type of hair growth  being treated.”

Actual treatments carried out by Aspen Hair and Beauty 

Since the introduction of revolutionary IPL many clients  are viewing this as a safer, less painful and more affordable alternative to waxing, shaving and messy hair removal creams .

Lorna said: “There really is nothing to lose and everything to gain as at Aspen we offer free consultation and Patch test where we can answer all your questions and together we can decide whether the treatment is right for you, go on, invest in yourself  and you’ll wish you’d started treatment years ago!”