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The online gambling demographics statistics of casino games is pretty comprehensive and could be specific if strategically analyzed and grouped. According to statistics, online gambling demographics is populated by seniors and young adults, constituting mainly every individual in an economy. Hence, making the statistical analysis of gambling quite exhaustive. The online casino community is open to every individual inasmuch as you are above the legal age and can manage risks effectively. You can visit Top Dog Casinos to play your favorite online casino games.

Some patterns have been adopted in grouping online casino gamblers into understandable and sizable forms for easy identification and statistical inferences. Here are some of the demographic statistics when it comes to online casino gambling

The on-land casino has been in existence for a very long time. It started as a tourist attraction for several tourists coming from different parts of the world to experience the masterpiece (casino houses) and have a feel of what casino gambling is all about. The on-land casino slowly became the real deal when tourists actively played and won on several casino games. As time went by, the fortune drifted from the on-land casino and revolutionized into online casino gambling. The online casino niche is now a multi-billion dollars community where gamblers have the opportunity of gambling on the go at their convenience. Several gamblers and casino platforms have to move from on-land gambling into the online gambling community although, the on-land casinos are still functioning but with reduced activities.

The online gambling demographics community is composed mainly of gamblers between the age of 20-39 years. They make up about one-third of all online gamblers, while 30% of gamblers who visit regular on-land casino houses are seniors within 60 years of age or older. When viewing gamblers from their marital status perspective, it’s assumed that 50% of these gamblers are married and actively playing casino games online.

Grouping gamblers based on income is also similar to the statistical analysis of the married versus the unmarried. A more significant percentage of online and on-land gamblers earn less than $50,000 per annum. However, an approximated 20% of both gamblers earn less than $30,000 per annum. One of the most interesting fun facts about the on-land and online casino gamblers is that almost 60% of gamblers from both communities attended college or completed primary education.

This is more debatable as many questions have emanated from the gender that gambles the most. However, it’s easy to say men gamble more even though the gap is becoming slimmer by the day. A total of 56% of gamblers are male, while 44% of gamblers are females. The goals of both gender as to why they play casino games are similar. They either play casino games for fun or play casino games to win real money. Peradventure you want to do either of these two or just play for fun or real money.

The difference between men and women playing casino games is the type of game they play. While males having a total of 73%, prefer gambling on sports, or playing online pokers. The females, 60% on the other hand, play bingo but also enjoy playing other sport games. Females playing casino games also prefer playing online slots because of their simplicity. Both men and women play online casinos, but women seem to be more active.

Both online and on-land casinos are lucrative because of the success rate recorded by gamblers over the past years. Most of the reasons why gamblers gamble are to make money and to win. Hence, a lot of money is injected into gambling on both platforms, either online or on-land. The bulk of the money in the casino community goes to the platform or the casino house.

Best Gambling games to play on online casinos

There is more we can withdraw about online gambling demographics statistics as the games played. Several individuals as explained above using gender play differently. However, the most popular of them all is the online slot game, and this is because of its simplicity. Choosing the best game to play will depend solely on the gambler’s discretion, but there are some games that are simpler to understand, and grasp as established above.

According to a study, 95% of gamblers on both online and on-land casinos at some point have lost their wagers while playing one casino game or the other. However, several gamblers in both communities are primarily in denial when they lose or win while playing casino games. A study shows that 23% of total gamblers on both online and on-land casinos overestimate their wins, making it appear ambiguous than the actual win. At the same time, almost half of them purposely reduce their loss, thereby making it appear as if they are exceptional at gambling.

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