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Planning To Launch AR App For Corporate Training? Consider These Dos and Don’ts

ByDave Stopher

Nov 1, 2019 #education

As augmented reality continues to infiltrate the mainstream, brands are experimenting in some way or the other to try and incorporate the same in an effort to engage consumers and business partners alike. The latest experiment of AR technology is through mobile apps and AR glasses, with the former playing a more dominant role. 

According to statistics, about 34% of US enterprises have already introduced m-learning to their staff. However, 85% of those without m-learning say they plan to do so in the near future. The overwhelming interest is more than justified as mobile apps offer a whole lot of ease and convenience to modern learners. They prefer consuming knowledge while on the go and make steady progress with brief sessions rather than the tight, regular schedules. 

And, what when this mobile learning technology is combined with augmented reality? Just think of the wonders it will do! Well, it surely will provide a training solution which is twice as effective as an average mobile learning app. But, that’s not all! There are various challenges that must be taken into account prior to launching it. To draw your attention towards the same, we have mentioned the dos and don’ts of the same below. 

Don’t end up with a gimmick

Yes, you heard it right!  An AR mobile app can turn into a mere gimmick when planned and created thoughtlessly. For instance, there is an AR software that analyzes object parts and virtually shows engineers in training how to proceed with the assembly can be effectively shown on mobile. But, if the same task needs to be performed on bad light conditions or with equipment that leaves no free hands to hold a device, even a quality mobile app will be of no use. 

Hence, make it a point to ensure that both AR and mobile functionality fit the specifics of your working conditions and are able to actually improve your training. If the mobile is not of much help, consider using AR equipment like glasses. Moreover, compare the costs of the real training equipment with AR mobile app development and consult AR experts. 

Higher pay equals high-quality mobile app

Augmenting reality is indeed as tough a task for software developers as it is to hear. Knowledge of various complex algorithms of object recognition and visual odometry, as well as complex mathematical methods, is required. 

A special markup language and various software development kits have already been created to facilitate AR application development. However, it must be noted that low-quality apps for the same must not be used in practice as they can be dangerous when used in real-life practice. 

Therefore, search for a vendor who specializes in AR mobile development. On the other hand, if you have a talented IT department of your own, consider augmenting your team with the seniors. You will have to pay more but in return, you get a quality app. 

Don’t disregard consistency

When designing an AR mobile app for corporate training, always think over your training space conditions and set priorities with consistency in mind. If any equipment requires any sort of upgrade, they must be done prior to app development. On the other hand, if your business works with various systems, augment the most vulnerable model and further add different models to your scheduled updates. But, do keep in mind that these involve a lot of time and money.  

Key Takeaways

For AR solutions to be a perfect fit for an organization, there are always decisions to make and precautions to take beforehand. Make sure that AR on mobile is exactly what your organization desires. So, be ready to spend the required money and time on its development. Furthermore, you can take the help of some of the best AR authoring tools at your end. And at last, be mindful of the complex nature of AR and mobile app development.

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