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Qualities to Look For in a Stairlift

Being a senior means having some limitations in your daily activities. These limitations can impact how much you can do, like your daily errands or your comfort of living. The biggest issue for many seniors is their mobility which is why they look to medical devices and tools to help make their lives easier. One such device is a stairlift.

Stairlifts can be installed in a home to allow more complete freedom around the house. Without a stairlift, you might find it hard to get up and down the stairs quickly and safely, which makes them so essential. If you are looking for a stairlift to help improve your freedom at home, here are some qualities to look for to ensure you find the right device.

Consider the Costs of Buying and Installing a Stairlift

As with any kind of product and service, you need to first consider the price. The cost of a stairlift is not cheap, with many models beginning at a couple of thousand dollars, and more extensive ones getting pricier. The price of a stairlift shouldn’t dissuade you too much, because after all, you are going to be using this device extensively to improve your quality of life. You can even rent some models on a monthly basis if you only need it for a short period, but the price will vary depending on the type of package you get plus the type of stairs you have.

Find a Stairlift With a Complete Install Package

On the topic of the install package, you want to find one that is a complete package. The worst thing you could do is end up buying a stairlift that just includes the price of the device and you need to buy the rest of the installation and features. A good stairlift and stairlift company will have a robust package that includes the cost of the install as well as a free home visit and quote.

Look for the Warranty Features

Stairlifts are very reliable and very durable, but they’re not bulletproof so you have to have all bases covered in case something does go wrong. Check the warranty to find out what it covers. Many warranties will cover lifetime use, which is perfect, but it should cover individual parts like the motor as well. A lifetime or extended warranty are the two features you should look for when considering a stairlift.

Know the Type of Stairs You Are Working With

One of the biggest factors in choosing the right stairlift for your home is figuring out what stairs your home has. Curved stairs, straight stairs, outdoor stairs, or angled stairs are the most common types and this will determine the ease of installation as well as cost. As you might expect, curved, outdoor, and angled stairways are going to be trickier, but they are all doable. Outdoor stairs will require a more durable stairlift, while straight stairs are the easiest. Before you purchase one, make sure they come in and check it out to give you a good estimate on how your stairs will make it easy or hard to install.

Read Reviews of the Products and Services

Another important thing to do on your own time is to read the reviews of each stairlift service and product to see what people are saying. It’s good to determine how trustworthy they may be from people with experience. There’s a lot of things that can help you see if it’s a good idea or not to go with a certain company. It’s always important to read what services were offered too to see how robust their offers are and how people liked them.

Choose a Stairlift With Good Service Plans

The mention of service comes up a lot and it is another majorly important factor. You need to make sure that the stairlift you are looking for comes with good maintenance and servicing plan. Great stairlifts will include a lot of these servicing plans that are all included. If something goes wrong with your stairlift, it’s good to know that they will be able to come and repair any of the problems. Always check for aftercare service from your potential stairlift provider.

As an elderly citizen, your life is a little bit more difficult because of your age. This means a lack of mobility, among other issues. Even if you find it harder to get around, your home shouldn’t make you feel limited, which is why you need the right stairlift.


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