• Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

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Queen’s representative opens new school library

School librarians found themselves on the same page as one of the Queen’s representatives when it came to a love of reading.

The Lord Lieutenant of County Durham Sue Snowdon performed the honours as Our Lady and St Bede’s Catholic Academy, Stockton, officially opened its new library.

School heads Ella Sills and Ted McIntosh and the volunteer librarians explained to Mrs Snowdon how the new library had been transformed from a classroom.

Ella said: “This has become a safe space to read, study, or just be still and we hope future pupils will cherish the library as much as we do now.”

Mrs Snowdon said: “I think the library is the most significant space in the school. All this new modern technology allows us to access information at a click. But all this information needs a filter and you have an incredible one here in your new library.

“I love a book and enjoy turning the pages backwards and forwards. When I was growing up my greatest pleasure was reading and remains so today. When you open a book you open a new world.

“I am inspired by what you have created, an environment that is conducive to learning. It’s a space where students can come to quench their thirst for knowledge, whether that is for their studies or just for pleasure.”

Principal Mo Wilkinson added: “The students have been the driving force behind the new library and are a credit to the school.”

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