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RAC comments on call evidence on cycle safety

ByDave Stopher

Mar 20, 2018

Following the Government’s call for evidence around cycle safety, Nicholas Lyes, head of roads policy at the RAC, said:

“The Government’s call for evidence is a welcome move. Many cyclists will also be drivers, and a significant minority of motorists also cycle regularly. There is a role for drivers to better understand the sorts of dangers that cyclists face on our roads. We would encourage reforms to the theory test to place greater emphasis on how much space drivers should give cyclists and also the dangers faced at junctions. We also believe that promoting the ‘Dutch reach’ can also raise awareness amongst drivers and passengers of cyclists when opening their car doors. But it is important to note that all road users have a responsibility to abide by road traffic laws for the safety of themselves and others.

“We still feel segregation is the best option for the safety of both cyclists and motorists; however, drivers complain that in some cases, cycle superhighways and segregated cycle lanes are not used widely outside of peak hours. This raises questions about how best we can make best use of our road space throughout the day. The risk is that reducing road space can actually exacerbate congestion issues.”