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Rallying cry for UK businesses to count every drop

ByHarvey Hugo

Sep 16, 2021

A North East CEO is pledging his team will do their bit for the environment with 100 actions – and calling for business leaders across the UK to do the same.

Josh Gill of the Everflow Group, which comprises business water retailer Everflow Water and utilities software provider Everflow Tech, is committed to promoting water efficiency among both his staff and customers.

The Teesside native is urging each member of his team to pledge at least one water-saving action as part of the national Great Big Green Week initiative, which is taking place until September 26th.

Josh said: “As a water retailer, we are at the forefront of issues surrounding efficiency and sustainability, so we thought Great Big Green Week was the ideal opportunity to get all the team really thinking about the small actions they can take that will really add up.

“As one business we can only make a small difference, however by combining that with others it can create a big impact. That’s why I’m encouraging business leaders throughout the UK to make 100 pledges in their own companies and count every drop.”

Within Everflow, the group’s environmental services manager, Clare Galland, has come up with a selection of pledges employees can take, which will then be recorded internally, with prizes on offer for the team members who have made the most difference.

Clare said: “Examples of the small actions that we’re encouraging staff to take are switching off the tap when they’re brushing their teeth, sticking to a five-minute shower, or fixing a leaking tap or toilet.

“While some pledges seem quite minor, taken together they amount to some fairly impressive water savings. Some have an impact on how much energy we use too, for example by heating less water.

“By each of us making a few small changes that don’t cost us anything, we can achieve great things. In fact, we can even save money – simply sorting out leaking toilets can save around 20 per cent off water bills.”

Michelle Barton, business transformation analyst for Everflow Tech, added: “It’s great to work for a company that cares so much about sustainability and really walks the walk, so I’m really enjoying doing my bit for Great Big Green Week.

“While we’re all aware of the importance of water efficiency, old habits die hard, so it’s really important that we all make a conscious effort to reduce our water usage on a personal level, as well as as a company.

“Getting other businesses and teams across the country to do the same means we can make a huge difference and I’m so proud to be part of that.”

Everflow has launched a hashtag on its social media platforms, #100Pledges, to encourage staff across the group’s sites in Wynyard and Warwickshire to get involved and share their pledges.

Any business interested in making its own 100 pledges and receiving a dedicated toolkit can email info@everflowgroup.co.uk with ‘100 pledges’ as the subject.

For more information about Everflow and its range of services, visit www.everflowgroup.co.uk/