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Reasons Why Alcohol And Drug Rehab Fails

ByDave Stopher

Aug 28, 2019

Getting professional help for alcohol and/or drug addiction is one of the best decisions to make towards taking back control of your life and living a healthy, sober life. Coastline Behavioral Health center has helped several people regain control of their lives and live a healthier life free from drugs and alcohol. However, in some cases, addiction treatment patients around the world have reported failures in their journey to sobriety, leading them right back to ground zero.

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There are several reasons why most people fail on their journey to recovery and living a sober life. if you or a loved one is dealing with addiction and undergoing treatment, there is a need to create an enabling environment for them where they can live a sober life which is free from pressure and which does not encourage relapse.

To better understand addiction treatment and rehabilitation, first, one has to understand that living a sober life is a daily exercise, one which requires a conscious effort, demanding that you create a positive mindset, take up positive behaviors and engage in activities that promote your health, fitness and overall improves you as a person.

Below Are Some Of The Commonest Reasons Why People Fall Off The Wagon On Their Journey To Sobriety:

1. Returning To The Same Situation That Got You Into Drugs And Alcohol

One of the commonest reasons why people fail on their journey to total recovery and sobriety is that they have returned to the initial location, the midst of friends, and other factors that had in the first place pushed them into alcohol and drug addiction. Making a return to these things that were your original triggers is a greater test on your willpower as you will constantly be tested, flirted with and teased by the substance which you were addicted to. One of the best and most positive ways to handle an addiction treatment and sober living is to eliminate all possible triggers including friends, hangout spots and more that may hold certain power to draw you back into the old life. Remember, it only takes on use to destroy your progress and return you to the starting point.

By cultivating a positive outlook and making changes where needed, you will be better equipped to fight relapse and its temptations.

2. Lack Of Support Outside Rehab

Having a support system inside and outside a rehabilitation facility is one of the most important keys to ensuring that you indeed stay sober. Having a support system to look out for you, discuss and guide your activities can prove to be an essential part of your life, especially in the first few weeks of leaving a rehabilitation facility. It is recommended that to prevent relapse, addiction treatment patients participate in aftercare and support programs while returning to friends and family who are equally invested in seeing the victim thread the sober path.

As part of support system in the aftermath of addiction treatment and rehabilitation, you may want to consider the 12 step program and joining an addiction recovery in Los Angeles community where challenges are shared and people draw strength from one another.

3. Failure To Instill Hope

Addiction treatment should be holistic, in that, treatment should be designed such that patients are taught life skills which will enable them better function as a member of the larger community upon leaving the rehabilitation center. Patients who have learned one or more skills are usually eager to apply themselves, keeping them busy and also giving them hope for a better future. However, without skills or means to re-integrate into the larger society, patients may soon find themselves using the abused substance again as they will most likely be lonely and idle.

4. Lack Of Commitment

While there are several reasons for relapse, most of the common and strongest factors that affect relapse are due to the recovering victim. When a recovering addict fails to build a personal commitment to staying sober, their chances of relapse increases. However, an addiction treatment center may be able to pick up on this and help such a patient work through their commitment problems, making sure that patients come to the realization of why they need to turn a new leaf and live a healthier life free from alcohol and drugs.

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5. Lack Of Appropriate Treatment

Recovering addicts may soon find themselves using again if addiction treatment approach that was administered did not effectively address the condition alongside the underlying triggers. Alcohol and drug rehab centers should take proper care to evaluate each patient and administer the best treatment fit to improve their chances of recovery and sobriety. Plus, they must use DMT test kit which is the most accurate and reliable alternative to the dmt blot. It’s designed to be used know whether the patients have been exposed to DMT, LSD, or other hallucinogenic drugs. This convenient testing kit is easy-to-use and can provide results in just minutes!