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Rental Equipment Tips for your Next Major Project

The heart of summer is always a good time to do both significant DIY projects and smaller jobs done and dusted. Whether you’re painting the house or having a new driveway laid, the longer days and better weather are perfect for working outside.

As such, if you need specialist equipment such as wacker plate sometimes called a plate compactor, or particularly long ladders, you may want to consider hiring the equipment. This is true if you are working on your own home, or run a home improvements company.

Hiring Construction Equipment

A good wacker plate hire company maintains all the equipment, so you always get a product in good working order. Some will deliver your equipment and collect it, so you don’t have to worry about the logistics. Depending on what you are hiring, the equipment you need could be bulky and awkward to transport.

Similarly, ladder hire realises a number of benefits. You may, for example, not have the storage space for a ladder or need one that is specialised.  You may only need a ladder for a one-off job. This can incur a hefty outlay in the first instance. Without hiring the equipment, you could spend a small fortune for a piece of equipment that just sits around taking up space year after year.

Avoiding Health and Safety Issues

If you operate a small construction business, you’ll find that hiring equipment avoids a range of health and safety headaches and issues. It can also save on a range of costs. Planned preventative maintenance is mostly no longer your responsibility when you use tool rental hire companies. You have to ensure the equipment you hire is safe to use, but you do not have to ensure the equipment is serviced. This is the responsibility of the hire company.

This not only saves you money but saves you time. You don’t lose equipment when it is out of commission for service. It is ready for use and fit for purpose whenever you need it.

Furthermore, should it develop a fault, you simply go back to the equipment rental company and get a replacement.

Having a tool rental option at your fingertips avoids health and safety issues and related costs.

The Right Tool for the Job

Another benefit of using a tool hire company is that the better ones will always be able to deliver the tool you need when you need it. Some have branches up and down the country, so if one place doesn’t have the right ladder or wacker plate, they get on the phone to a nearby branch that has one. This service solves a lot of headaches.

Project delays can be costly on several levels. As a small business owner, this can push back project completion dates, which incurs a greater cost. It can damage your business reputation as you can’t start new projects on time and you will take a hit to your revenue stream.

From a homeowner perspective, it is also vital that you can get the right tool for the job. You may have taken annual leave to get your project or repair complete. Not being able to get your hands on the right tool could be a major setback. You may not be able to get the time off again until sometime in the future, and this could delay a project for several months even a year.

Build a Good Relationship with your Vendor

If you regularly hire tools, it is a good idea to build a good relationship with a trusted brand. Here, you will probably find they offer good deals for repeat business. Should you need a Building equipment hire in Melbourne, you will find it easier to persuade their teams to find one.

Once you have established a good relationship with a vendor, you will get notified of new tools as they become available, together with policy changes. It is always good to get a heads up about new products and changes as it helps you plan ahead.

Choosing your Tool Rental Equipment Provider

Finding a good tool rental equipment provider is essential for the success of your business. As such, consider the following:

  • Has the brand been established long? Longer running businesses tend to have better resources and must be doing something right to stay in business for this long.
  • Is the business stand-alone, or is it part of a chain? Stand-alone businesses are fine, but they may not be able to conjure the tool you need there and then. This could set back projects as we have discussed.
  • Do they have a good reputation?
  • Are they competitively priced? Tool rental equipment hire companies tend to price competitively, as it tends to be a competitive market. Some do special offers and deals, and you may want to explore them.

Tool rental equipment is the ideal way to take on big home improvement projects, whether you are in business or plan to improve your property.

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