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Sainsbury’s backs council’s recycling campaign

Good to Know (2)Durham County Council has teamed up with a national retailer to urge people to recycle more.

Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s is backing the national Good to Know campaign run locally by the council, which aims to encourage people who already recycle to do a little bit more.

Sainsbury’s Arnison Centre Durham store has already been displaying the campaign’s Good to Know advertising materials in-store on ceiling hanging signs and shelf wobblers.

Now, the store is hosting a Good to Know roadshow run by the council’s strategic waste team on Saturday 2 July.

The event is open to all and residents who attend will receive a free goodie bag.

Alan Patrickson, the council’s head of projects and business services, said: “The Good to Know campaign will help people who already recycle do a little bit more – identifying new materials which can be recycled and items they may not have thought of.

“We are delighted to be working with Durham Sainsbury’s on the campaign.”

The council received £31,000 funding from the Waste and Resources Action Programme to deliver the national Recycle Now – Good to Know campaign locally.

People often miss items that are easy to recycle.

Commonly missed items include deodorant aerosol cans in the bedroom, bleach bottles in the bathroom, household cleaner bottles in the kitchen and chocolate tins in the living room.

The six month campaign looks at the four rooms, giving residents examples from each of items which can be recycled.

Good to Know complements the council’s existing ‘Bin it Right’ campaign which gives residents information on putting the right item in the right bin and stopping recycling being contaminated with inappropriate materials.

For more information, visit or phone 03000 261 000.

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