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School Leavers To Get Year Photo Thanks to Leading Events Company

Students leaving nursery, first, primary, junior and middle schools this July will now never get their leaving class photo…but one forward thinking events company has come up with a solution guaranteed to make teachers, pupils and parents smile.

The solution, presented by Middlesbrough based SK Click Events also helps schools raise some much extra needed funds too!

Experts in photo booths and leading edge photo mirrors, the company that would normally be supporting events across the North East and Yorkshire, has turned one of its products into a way to help schools and pupils.

The SK Mosaic builds pictures of choice of many little photos of faces and people – this can be done on a physical board or digitally on a screen and then printed.

Normally using photos taken at the events, the company has pulled together a proposition for schools that their school logo can be made up of the individual faces from each class or year along with their teacher’s photo.

Kirsty Calvert, operations director, said:

“We can build a mosaic image of the school’s choice, that children will treasure forever. Many schools are choosing to use the school logo or mascot.

“Parents from participating schools need to simply text or email their chosen photo of their child – full and simple instructions will be sent on enquiry on how to get parents to take part. It really is a solution, that in years to come when people look back, they will treasure as a memory to share with their own children or even grandchildren!

“All we are charging is the cost to us, so the school can also benefit with building funds to help with activities for the key worker’s children in the schools at the moment.”

The cost to the school is just £250. With a class of just 30 children, the school can more than double that return by selling them for £17.50 each, the average of what parents spend on end of year school photos. If you do it for a school year of 100 children, a school could make more than £1500!

To register for a starter pack, please contact info@skclick.co.uk using School Leavers in the subject title to ensure a quick response or call 07946792039.